Robotic Pool Cleaners

As you no doubt know, Swimming pools are just one of things that make you sit back and smile even THINKING about!  They provide loads of entertainment and exercise for adults, kids and yes, even the dog! In summer, pools save us from the blistering heat and serve as a great venue for parties and meet-ups. But all this comes with a lot of hassle.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool maintenance is an absolute nightmare. You can pay somebody to do it for you but not without burning a hole in your wallet. Pool cleaning services can be ridiculously expensive. You’ll need to shell out thousands of dollars on contracts and the company will constantly try to up sell you on services that you don’t need. Also, many people find the presence of a pool cleaner to be intrusive. Not everybody is comfortable with having a stranger on their property.

Conventional pool cleaning methods are time consuming. Debris like leaves and plastic can be removed using a long pole with a net. However, this is just a superficial or clean up. Over time, the inner surfaces of a pool get lined with sediment. This layer of dirt is stubborn and hard to remove. You’ll require a lot more than a pole and net.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

If you bypass the option of a pool cleaning service, you’ll have to do the job yourself. This begins with draining the pool, then getting down in it (with some kind of ladder) and scrubbing all surfaces clean. This is extremely labor intensive and time consuming. Most people struggle to keep their bathtubs clean, let alone scrubbing an entire pool! Also, this method is not suitable for larger and commercial pools.

If you want to save money as well as time, your best bet is to invest in a decent robotic pool cleaner. This fabulous machine cleans your pool at the flick of a switch. It acts as a vacuum cleaner for all surfaces of the pool and also gets rid of dirt and debris. There are umpteen models of robotic pool cleaners in the market – suitable for all types of pools and budgets. These bots are also called Creepy-Crawlers in some parts of the world. But we promise that they are not creepy at all. In fact, they are quite useful.

Who Can Benefit Most From A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

  1. Swimming clubs, gyms, hotels, resorts, water-parks and other commercial establishments need fast and efficient pool cleaning while keeping their static costs low. Robotic pool cleaners are a great option for them. They get the job done without much fuss. The pools get cleaned in record time and are ready for rigorous use. There is no need to schedule long cleaning sessions and keeping the pools closed for an extended period of time. Everything happens seamlessly – the robot is placed into the water, it goes about its job and cleans the pool within a matter of minutes!
  2. Busy people who have neither the time nor the patience to clean their pools themselves. Robotic cleaners offer an easy, hassle-free, stress-free solution.
  3. Smart people who do not want to spend more money than they need to.
  4. People who have a fascination with technology. A cleaning bot is undoubtedly a cool gadget. However, unlike most other cool devices, this one is highly practical too. It is modern technology at its functional best.

How Does A Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

The underside (the side that comes into contact with the surface) is fitted with powerful rolling brushes. There is also a suction pump that sucks in soiled water and filters dust, dirt and other particles. These filters are easy to clean – most of them require just a simple rinse. The bot is equipped with software that maps the insides of the pool maneuvers the machine accordingly. There is a power supply cable with an external supply unit. Generally, there isn’t an issue with entanglement of cables as they are fitted with a swivel.

On the whole, the entire assembly is very easy to use. Connect the bot to a power supply, make sure that the filter is clean and lower it into the pool. Sip on a refreshing drink while the bot does a thorough cleaning job. Once finished, the bot rises to the surface. Remove it and dive into the sparkling clean water.

Are Robotic Cleaners Expensive? Which model Should I Consider?

Robotic Cleaners can cost anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You can choose any model that fits your requirements.

If you feel that bots are priced a bit steeply, try comparing them to a pool cleaning service contract. You’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run. Almost all bots come with a warranty and after sales support. You can go through reviews and other peoples’ experiences before making any sort of commitment. All this ensures total peace of mind and a pool that’ll be the envy of guests and neighbors!

Some of the more popular pool cleaning robots we review are listed below, we invite you to check them out and PLEASE let us know if you have any questions!

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