Aquabot Classic Review

The Classic is Aquabot’s best selling robotic pool cleaner and for good reason too.

Aquabot Classic In-Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Classic In-Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

This fully automatic bot is near perfect for in-ground pools. Even though this is a slightly older model, it is loaded with top of the line features. It is powerful, efficient and cleans everything from floor to walls and even the waterline. It has an in-built filter and hence you do not have to fiddle with and connect hoses.

Just plug it in, drop into the pool and let the bot work its magic. Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of the Classic.

Aquabot Classic Features

1. The Classic has active scrubbing brushes both at the front and at the back. These brushes rotate aggressively to scrub and loosen even the most unyielding dirt, algae and sediment. Moreover, they do not leave any scour marks on the pool. The heavy duty active brushes enable the Classic to deliver an impeccable clean – leaving your pool fresh and spotless at all times.

2. The bot operates in all types of in-ground pools of all shapes; be it round, oval, rectangular, square, L-shaped, kidney and so on. It can clean most pool surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, gunite etc.

3. The Classic scrubs and vacuums all kinds of debris into its in-built filtration system. An in-built filter does away with the need for hoses that connect to an external filter (usually the pool filter). Hoses come with their own set of problems. Often they get bent and clogged and prevent the bot from moving freely. With the Classic, you don’t need to worry about these issues.

4. The Aquabot Classic is a complete pool cleaning solution. It cleans the entire pool including the cove, floor, walls and even the waterline.

Many pool cleaner do not have the ability to go over entire pools. They may do an immaculate job with the floor but at the end of the day, you still have to dive in and give the walls a good, honest scrubbing.

This option might be okay for small and shallow above-ground swimming pools, but it just doesn’t work for larger in-ground pools.

The Classic cleans the walls AND the water line. This is not one of those ‘niche’ devices that do an incomplete job.

5. Many Bots that clean walls come with a set of conditions. For example: they can only climb walls if the transition and smooth and curved. A few models have even stricter constraints. They can only climb curved walls if the radius is at least six inches. When the Classic claims that it climbs walls – it simply does what it promises, without making any excuses. It can handle right angled floor to wall transitions.

6. The filter has an ultra fine mesh, 2 microns to be precise. A grain of salt is about 100 microns (just to put things into perspective). As a result, the Aquabot Classic can trap particles that are one-fiftieth the size of a grain of salt! Impressive, isn’t it? The filter is easy to clean. A good rinse does the job.

The Classic comes with a 50-foot power cable, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t find an outlet right by your pool!

Aquabot Classic Pros & Cons

  • ​the pros
  • the cons
  • Only suitable for in-ground pools. This is perhaps the only limitation of this otherwise excellent machine.
  • Does not come with remote control.
  • Bottom access filter can be a tad inconvenient but it is certainly not a deal breaker.

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Aquabot Classic Review & Verdict: ​

​Despite it's few negatives, this is THE Ideal pool cleaner for in-ground pools. It Offers tremendous value for money, and the build quality serves as the industry benchmark.

It's not perfect, but it's definitely a SOLID in-ground pool cleaner, so check it out below!

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