Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Review

The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior offers a ‘hose-free’ and pocket-friendly solution to pool cleaning.

It’s been designed for cleaning flat bottomed pools of up to 24 feet diameter in as little as thirty minutes! All this looks very good on paper but how does it all translate to real world performance?

Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind above ground pool cleaner.

Features of the Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

1) Hose-Free Pool Cleaning: This pool cleaner has an internal pump and filter. It does not require any type of external filtration system or booster pump. This is quite convenient as you do not have to make any modifications to the plumbing system of your pool or property. While several successful pool cleaner such as the Baracuda G3 (by Zodiac) use hoses and external pumps and filters, it is hard to deny that hose-free cleaners are easier to connect and use. You do not have do fiddle around with hose-balance and so on. Just place the Junior into the pool, plug it in and let it do its job!

2) Even though this is the least expensive robotic pool cleaner in the Aquabot stable, it is still very well built. Yes, a majority of the components are made from plastic, but they are high quality plastics that can withstand the pool chemicals as well the UV rays of the Sun. Of course it is not as sturdy as other high end Aquabot models. Still, remember that this is a low cost pool cleaning solution meant only for smaller above ground pools.

3) The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr (PRJ) can clean flat bottomed pools of any shape (round, oval, rectangular, L-shaped, kidney shaped etc.) It is perfectly at home with all types common pool surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, tiles, concrete and so on.

4) The Junior’s internal pump is powerful yet efficient. The bot has a mixing capacity of 70 gallons per minute. Don’t let the Junior tag fool you – this robot scrubs and vacuums vigorously and delivers a high quality clean.

5) The advanced filtration system traps everything from leaves, dirt, debris, pebbles, algae to even small bits of plastic. The junior can filter particles upto 2 microns – which is really really good considering that this is an entry level pool cleaner. (1 grain of salt roughly equals to 100 microns). Most other entry level bots don’t even have an independent filtration system; they just funnel the contaminants to an external filter, which is usually your pool’s filter.

The only downside to the Junior’s filter is that it is accessible only from the bottom. Filters that can be accessed from the top are more convenient.

6) The Junior has four extra-wide wheels that provide a good amount of traction and enable it to go over ripples and other small obstacles in the water.

7) The Junior comes with a 40 foot power cable. The patented 360 degree swivel feature prevents the cables from getting entangled. Thus, there are no cases of the bot just spinning in circles or hovering around one place due to the cable wire getting knotted up.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Pros

  1. Well built and popular product from a renowned manufacturer – Aquabot. Comes with a one year warranty. (Please note that warranty is limited only to the motor, which is the most expensive component of the bot).
  2. High quality reusable filter has a capacity of 34 quarts and is easy to clean.
  3. Aquabot has a very good after sales support system. Replacement parts and spares are easily available.
  4. The Junior is very easy to use. It has various cycles including a 2 and 3 hour timer.
  5. Powerful yet efficient operation. It shuts down automatically after two hours of operation – this feature prevents it from running unnecessarily and saves energy.
  6. The bot is well built without being overly heavy. It weighs just a little over 10 pounds and this makes it very easy to handle.
  7. The extra-wide leaves do not mar the pool surface nor do they leave any kind of tread marks. The bot has a ground clearance of 2 inches and this enables it go over irregular surfaces, lights, drains and other pool fixtures.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Cons

  1. The bot is suitable only for flat bottomed swimming pools. Does not work well in pools with curved or dished out centers.
  2. The bot is not advertised as having any wall climbing ability. Still, the bot may clean the walls partially.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Final Verdict:

Honestrly, the Pool Rover JR is a very competent pool cleaning robot, However, it has some limitations. Be prepared to do the walls yourself. Good built quality overall but not as sturdy as other more expensive Aquabot cleaners.  

Be prepared to do the walls yourself, it’s not the BEST climber out there.

We love Good built quality overall, but it’s not as sturdy as other more expensive Aquabot cleaners.  Still, for this price you really can’t go wrong. 

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