Aquabot X4 Robotic Review

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The Aquabot X4 is a fully automatic robotic pool cleaner that’s suitable for both, in-ground as well as above ground pools.

The X4 is performance and convenience packed into one highly desirable package. However, all this does not come at the cost of efficiency. They claim that one cleaning cycle costs only 5 cents!

Read on to find out if the Aquabot X4 is the right fit for your pool.

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Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review


1) The X4 comes with not one, but two filter baskets with a class-leading capacity of190 cubic inches.

Even better, these are not just ordinary filters; the mesh size is only 2 microns. (A grain of salt is about 100 microns).

This means that it’s dual filtration system can trap everything from leaves, pebbles, debris, dirt, sediment, mud and so on; leaving your pool cleaner and clearer than ever.

It is worth mentioning that the filters can be accessed from the top. This is fast and convenient. Cleaning the filter baskets is also very easy – just give them a thorough rinse.

The fact that the filter bags are large in size means that they can trap a lot of garbage. This is quite useful if the pool has becomes excessively dirty. You will not have to stop mid-cycle to clean out the bags.

2) The X4 is equipped with heavy duty rotating micro-brushes that ensure that every inch of your pool gets a good scrubbing. The bot cleans everything from floor to walls to even the waterline.

3) AutoX Pool Mapping System: The X4 is built for all types of pools of various shapes and sizes. The sophisticated AutoX pool mapping system ensures that it can navigate any type of pool with ease. It measures the approximate dimensions of your swimming pool and selects the most suitable cleaning cycle. Intelligent mapping ensures that the bot never gets stuck at any point. It can tackle stairs, vinyl, drain and other pool fixtures without breaking a sweat.

4) Four Wheel Drive system for superior maneuverability and 100% coverage. It’sis driven by a powerful yet efficient 4WD system. Hence, it can clean any type of pool no matter its shape . The wheels have excellent grip, they provide ample traction and enable   to climb walls and climb steep gradients, including walls, with negligible slippage.

You may have noticed that many pool cleaners are advertised as having pool cleaning ability. However, they require a smooth, curved floor to wall transition. If the transition is not smooth, the bot might not be able to clean the walls and you’ll have to do them yourself. The Aquabot X4 can do 90 degree floor to wall transitions without any trouble!

5) 60 Feet of highly durable floating cable with a 360 degree swivel. The longer length of cable enables itto take on bigger pools. The swivel feature ensures that the cables do not become entangled. All this ensures 100% unsupervised cleaning. Just place the Aquabot X4 into the water and power it on – it’ll do everything else on its own.

6) It has a powerful pump with a mixing power of 70 gallons per minute. Even though the bot is powerful, it consumes up to 15 times less energy compared to other bots in its class.

7) Easy to use control panels enables you to create and customize cleaning schedules. You can choose to run the bot every 48, 72 or 96 hours and choose between several time cycles. An external timer can also be connected to the X4.

  • ​pros
  • ​cons
  • 1
    Comes with a handy caddy. This facilitates easy transportation over a variety of terrain.
  • 2
    To say that the build quality is excellent would be an understatement. Hence, it is enough to state the fact that it comes with a not one, not two but THREE year warranty!
  • 3
    Complete pool cleaning at the touch of a button.
  • 4
    Does walls and the waterline.
  • 5
    Very affordable bot considering the quality of clean and the number of features.
  • 6
    Swivel feature prevents entanglement of cables.
  • 7
    Helps protect the environment by reducing the need for cleaning chemicals in the pool.

Final Verdict:

The Aquabot X4 is a fairly good offering from Aquabot. It’s not perfect, but still – It has won thousands of hearts owing to its versatility, performance ease of use and low cost of ownership and operation.  

If you’re interested in the Aquabot X4, know that it’s NOT at all a bad Pool Cleaner, just a bit limited, however you can click the button below for more info & reviews on

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