Dolphin Sigma Vs. Premier: Pros & Cons of Each

By Shiloh

January 30, 2024

Dolphin Sigma Vs Premier

Hey, pool owners! If you’re swimming in choices and not sure which robotic pool cleaner to pick, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re putting two mighty contenders in the ring – Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier. Both have a solid reputation, but let’s dive into the details and see who comes out on top. 🌊

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Another gadget I have to choose?” But hey, let’s be honest; having a sparkling clean pool without straining your back is a dream come true. And robotic pool cleaners are like the lifeguards of your pool – they keep things tidy and clear.

Whether you’re a seasoned pool owner or just testing the waters, finding the right cleaner can make or break your summer fun. So, grab your floaties as we jump in and break down the features, benefits, and quirks of these two fantastic pool-cleaning gladiators. 🏊‍♀️💪

Ready? Set. Dive in!

Overview of Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

Meet the Dolphin Sigma. This fella comes packed with some impressive features. Let’s talk about its gyroscopic navigation, which ensures it doesn’t miss a spot. It’s like having a smart little robot that knows every inch of your pool. The top-load filters are also a huge plus, making cleaning it a breeze. However, the upfront cost might be a hurdle for some. But wait till you hear about its Bluetooth capabilities! Connect your smartphone and steer it around like a remote-control car – now that’s not just efficient, it’s downright fun!


  • Efficient cleaning with large cartridge filters.
  • Gyroscopic mobility for better navigation.
  • Triple motors make it a powerful cleaner.
  • Bluetooth and mobile app compatibility mean more convenient control.
  • Gyroscopic mobility makes it less likely to get stuck or miss spots.


  • Heavier than average.
  • On the expensive side.

Overview of Dolphin Premier


Enter the Dolphin Premier. This champ is known for methodical cleaning. It doesn’t have Bluetooth, but it’s like that reliable friend who always has your back. It’s also lighter than the Sigma, which means you won’t break your back pulling it out of the pool. But what really steals the show is its more affordable price point – definitely a winner for many.


  • Multiple filter options for versatile cleaning.
  • Energy-efficient, thanks to its SmartNav software.
  • Lighter, which might be easier for some people to handle.
  • More affordable, which is great for those on a budget.


  • The absence of a swivel cable may lead to tangling.
  • Slightly less advanced in terms of navigation.
  • No app control, so less convenient for the tech-savvy among us.

The Face-Off: Dolphin Sigma vs Dolphin Premier

To make your decision easier, let’s put them side by side in a detailed comparison chart.

FeaturesDolphin SigmaDolphin PremierWinner
Cleaning EfficiencyGyroscopic navigation, top-load filterMethodical cleaningDolphin Sigma
Ease of UseBluetooth, but heavyLighter, no BluetoothTie
Price and ValueHigher upfront cost, great featuresMore affordable, basic featuresDolphin Premier
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesNoDolphin Sigma
WeightHeavierLighterDolphin Premier
Energy EfficiencyHighly energy efficientSlightly less energy efficientDolphin Sigma
Where to BuyAvailable online and in select storesWidely available online and in-storeDolphin Premier

Cleaning Efficiency

The Dolphin Sigma is like a whirlwind with its gyroscopic navigation. It makes sure that no nook or cranny of your pool remains untouched. The top-load filters also mean that you won’t be struggling with maintenance. On the other hand, the Dolphin Premier may not be as fancy but offers reliable, thorough cleaning. For this round, the Sigma takes the trophy.

Ease of Use

Now, let’s talk about ease of use. The Sigma’s Bluetooth connectivity is a showstopper, but its weight might be an issue for some. The Premier doesn’t boast Bluetooth but wins points for being lighter. This category, my friends, is a tie.

Price and Value

The Dolphin Premier could be your best friend if you’re on a budget. It’s more affordable and gets the job done without any fuss. The Dolphin Sigma, with its higher upfront cost, packs in more features. So, for those willing to splurge for extra bells and whistles, Sigma might be the way to go.

Bluetooth Connectivity

I mentioned this earlier, but it deserves its own category.

The Dolphin Sigma wins hands down when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. You can literally steer it around your pool with your smartphone. This feature adds a fun factor while making sure you get every spot clean.


Lighter is better when you’re pulling a cleaner out of the pool, and in this category, the Dolphin Premier has a clear edge. It’s easier on your back, and that can be a big deal for some people.

Energy Efficiency

Both cleaners are energy efficient, but the Dolphin Sigma is a cut above the Premier. Its advanced technology ensures that it doesn’t just clean well, it does it while saving you money on energy bills. Sigma wins this one.

Which Would I Choose?

Now, here comes the most awaited part. If I had to choose, my heart leans towards the Dolphin Sigma. Let me tell you why:

  • Top-Notch Features: Sigma comes loaded. Gyroscopic navigation, Bluetooth, and top-load filters, to name a few. These features make the pool cleaning experience not just efficient but enjoyable.
  • Energy Efficiency: In the long run, an energy-efficient cleaner can save you a lot in electricity bills. Sigma excels in this department.

However, I understand that the Dolphin Premier has its own charms:

  • Price: If budget is a constraint, the Dolphin Premier is more pocket-friendly.
  • Lightweight: Easier on your back, especially if you have physical limitations.

In conclusion, if the budget is not a constraint and you’re all for the latest features, the Dolphin Sigma would be my recommendation. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, no-fuss pool cleaner and want to save a few bucks, the Dolphin Premier is a fantastic choice.


Both the Dolphin Sigma and the Dolphin Premier are excellent robotic pool cleaners. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Sigma comes with advanced features and is more energy-efficient

The Premier is lighter and friendlier on the budget.

PERSONALLY, I’d pick up The Sigma from as I love the extra features, however BOTH are amazing pol cleaners.

Your choice should be based on your priorities – whether you’re looking for cutting-edge features or a more budget-friendly, reliable option.

Remember to also consider factors like the size and type of your pool, as well as your physical ability to handle the equipment, before making the final decision.

So, which one will be your pool-cleaning companion? The advanced, feature-packed Sigma, or the reliable, budget-friendly Premier? The choice is yours!

You can pick them both up online with 1-2 day shipping here: Dolphin Premier or Dophin Sigma.

About the author

Shiloh McGinley has been in and around swimming pools her whole life. She's seen a lot of products come and go, and she wants to share with you the best products that really work!

Shiloh is passionate about helping people stay safe in the water, and she loves educating others on how to choose the right pool products.

When she's not working, Shiloh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and swimming - of course!

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