How To Clean A Pool Filter

How To Clean A Pool Filter

Cleaning a swimming pool filter is one of the most tedious and frustrating tasks you have to do as a pool owner. But, because it's so important, you simply have no choice but to put up with it. After all, who wants a dirty swimming pool?

What about an expensive cleaning bill every week that just keeps going up and up?

In order to save yourself from these problems, you need to start taking better care of your filter system. And the first step towards this goal is for you to know how a pressure-side pool cleaner should be cleaned in detail!

Okay then... Let's go!

How To Clean A Swimming Pool Filter - The Ultimate Guide:

Dirty Pool Filter
  1. First things first... Get rid of any dirt, leaves or other 'flotsam and jetsam' that has collected in the pool filter cartridge.
  2. Then turn off all of the equipment connected to your pool. This includes your cleaners, pumps, etc.
  3. Disconnect any hoses that are connected to the vacuum line assembly at the suction-side of your pump (these ports often have caps over them). And put these away safely out of reach for little hands and fingers!
  4. Now get a pair of pliers and unscrew the drain plug from inside one end of your filter canister (make sure you've disconnected your vacuum lines first though!). If you're not sure which end this will be, go ahead and remove both plugs... But don't worry, this won't affect the filter cleaning process at all.
  5. Get yourself a clean bucket and fill it with water. Now carefully drop the filter cartridge into this bucket- making sure not to damage or misalign any of its components in the process (this is why you've disconnected everything first).
  6. If you have an automatic cleaner attached to your pool system, now would be a good time to remove it. This way there will be no danger of getting either hoses or vacuum lines tangled up with it during the next step...
  7. With everything else removed from the swimming pool, attach your garden hose to one end of your skimmer line assembly. Make sure that whichever of this assembly you choose, it has a threaded connection that can easily screw into your garden hose.
  8. If you don't have a skimmer line assembly, simply attach the free end of your garden hose to one of the input ports on your pump instead (the ones we mentioned in step 2). Now attach the other end of this hose to your pressure side cleaner or pressure cleaner head... And make sure that it's securely fastened (you may wish to use some Teflon tape for this job if you're not sure about its water resistance).
  9. Next, find another length of hose and secure one end of it to the output port on your Pump flow-control valve (now turn the suction-side valves off using these!)
  10. Now, with the valve open, use your hand to lower your filter canister into your pool... But make sure you don't let it fall all the way in!
  11. Now go back to where your pressure-side cleaner is connected and using the end of this hose that's not attached to any valves (or an extension pole), carefully guide the filter into its proper place.
  12. Before attaching every other piece of equipment up again (we didn't tell you earlier but now would be a good time to put those caps back on!), plug in your vacuum line assemblies at their respective ports... And secure them tightly. If you've disconnected both plugs, make sure you plug both ends of these hoses back together within your filter assembly before you begin the rest of this process!
  13. Next, lower your pressure-side cleaner into the pool. If you're using an automatic cleaner, use one end of its line to guide it into place over top of the filter... And secure it firmly in position so that it doesn't move around too much before plugging in your hoses.
  14. Now go back to where your cleaner is connected and attach these hoses securely to both ports on either side of your pump flow-control valve (as mentioned earlier). Once everything's plugged in again, turn all valves back on to their proper settings.
  15. Make sure that both filters are now filtered by turning each one very slowly anticlockwise until water begins flowing out of the pool's returns and into your filter canister.
  16. Now attach your automatic cleaner up to the other end of its line - And secure it in place! This should allow you to turn on your pump and start vacuuming away.
  17. If necessary, open valves again to enable waste water to be drained out of both filters (as mentioned earlier). However remember that this will also stop water from filtering through them until they're plugged instead! So if you need a free weekend to let these bad boys 'rest', make sure you plug them back in first before turning off all valves again!
  18. Finally go ahead and plug all remaining equipment back in. Remember that when everything connected up properly, both plugs will be standing upright at the top of each hose assembly.
  19. Now give your automatic cleaner a minute to get started - Just to make sure that everything's attached up properly... And enjoy!

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