How To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool

By Shiloh McGinley

January 30, 2024

Swimming pools are great amenities to have at any home. They are fun and offer the entire family a great place to relax, play, and swim in cool waters on a hot summer’s day. Sadly though, they aren’t the only things looking to swim about.

You can ask any pool owner what are the number one pests they confront in their pool and the answer is likely going to be frogs. These little critters love nothing more than stagnant pool water to swim in and lay their eggs. The pool offers a great habitat for them to do what they do best!

If you’re encountering this type of problem, we get why you’re concerned. Apart from being slimy and gross, frogs pose certain health risks for anyone looking to swim in the same pool they’ve moved into.

That’s why in this article, we’ve compiled all you need to know about frogs and the top 10 best ways to keep them out of your pool!

Why are frogs in your pool?

According to Dr. Amelia Turner, a renowned herpetologist, "Frogs' attraction to pools is rooted in their natural inclination towards water sources. Understanding their behavior and employing preventive strategies can help pool owners maintain a harmonious coexistence."

Before we delve into solutions, it's important to understand why frogs find your pool inviting and why their presence could potentially pose problems.

Contrary to common perception, frogs in your pool aren't just a visual inconvenience. While they may appear innocuous, they can introduce bacteria, microbes, and even algae into the water, potentially jeopardizing the health of swimmers. Addressing this issue proactively is vital to maintaining a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.

As per Dr. Michael Reynolds, a wildlife ecologist specializing in aquatic ecosystems, "The presence of frogs can influence pool water quality. While frogs contribute to ecosystem balance, their presence in pools demands careful management to prevent potential issues."

Envision preparing for a refreshing swim, only to discover frogs have taken up residence in your pool. Not only does sharing your aquatic space with these creatures seem unappealing, but it also raises concerns about health and hygiene. Fear not, as we're about to explore ingenious ways to transform your pool into a frog-free sanctuary.

There are several reasons why frogs love to hang around in your pool against your will. The first reason is that frogs and toads are naturally amphibious. That means they need the water to keep themselves moist (slimy). Frogs have a natural tendency to find still water around to make themselves a home, this means your swimming pool is essentially prime real estate for our hopping friends.

Another reason is they love still water because it is perfect for them to lay eggs. If your pool is less than maintained, it might have microbes and algae in it which are perfect for pool frogs to breed. 

Frog eggs have no hard shell, this means they need to be suspended in water. pool water with poor circulation and a fountain of bacteria is the perfect place for a frog to nest. 

Finally, your pool might be a nice little Buffett for the frogs. If you have the tendency to leave your pool lights on at night, insects are likely attracted to them. When there are a lot of flying insects hanging around your pool, frogs are likely to follow since they love to eat insects. 

Don't worry though! With some easy tricks, you can have a frog-free pool in no time!

Why are frogs in your pool a problem?

Before we tackle the ways to keep frogs out of your pool, you might be thinking “Are frogs really that bad?”. Maybe you find them cute and would not mind sharing your swimming pool with these seemingly harmless animals. Well, although it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with your pool, there are some things you should know about the dangers of having a frog-infested backyard pool.

The first thing is that frogs are hosts to tons of bacteria and microbes. Allowing them to get into your pool freely means that bacteria will happily float and multiply, making it dangerous for anyone looking to swim. If your pool is low on chlorine, these bacteria can lead to algae which poses its own set of health risks.

Furthermore, frogs love to lay thousands of eggs at a time. If you’re not going to be teaming with a legion of frogs, your filter is definitely going to have a very hard time dealing with all this.

Finally, the more frogs there are, the more likely it is that you’re eventually going to deal with dead frogs floating on the surface of your pool. Again, this poses a ton of health risks, and let's face it - a dead frog doesn't exactly look appealing in your pool!

Although frogs are great for keeping insects at bay, nobody wants to swim alongside a frog. Dealing with them now before they’re a problem is the only logical and safe thing to do. So, now that you’re aware of the dangers they pose, let’s look at some ways to keep them away!

Top 10 Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool

1. Turn off the lights

Turn off the lights

The main and most common reason frogs move into your pool area is because of insects. Insects, especially the flying kind, are the main food source for frogs. If you’re the type to keep your pool lights on throughout the night, then insects are light to hang around your pool a lot. This is because the pool’s lights remind the insects of the light of the moon, something they are naturally attracted to.

This means that frogs can’t help but be attracted. Who wouldn’t want to move into a place where you get free meals 24/7? 

A simple way to ensure you never have to deal with frogs is to ensure you never attract any insects. You can do this by turning the pool lights off every night when the pool is not in use. You can also invest in fly traps to kill any insects that fly into your property. No insects, no frog food. No frog food, no frogs. It’s really that simple!

2. Use a pool cover

Pool Cover

Investing in a pool cover is another great way to keep frogs out of your swimming pool. Pool covers are not just great for keeping them away, they are also amazing for keeping out dirt, debris, and algae-causing microbes. 

When you’re not using the pool, or if you’re going away on an extended trip, invest in a good quality pool cover to keep your pool clean and frog free.

There are many types of pool covers available in the market. Some are as simple as tarps which can be rolled out. Others are fully automated to cover your pool at a push of a button or during specific times of the day. If you want to protect your pool as much as possible, get a pool cover!

3. Provide an exit

A simple way that pool owners deal with their frogs is by providing them with a way out. Although this does nothing to keep them from getting into the pool in the first place, it’s a nice and humane way to offer the frogs a way to exit the pool. It also minimizes the likelihood that they get trapped and die in the pool, contaminating the whole thing.

Sometimes called “frog logs” or “frog ramps” these are often inflatable pool fixtures that go on the pool edge. If a frog manages to get in your pool, a frog log or ramp allows it to easily get out and go somewhere else.

I like this one here, it’s just $15.00 with free shipping!

Again, not a great solution but worth looking into if you don’t have the heart to kill the frogs or let them die a watery death.

4. Mow the lawn

You might be thinking “What does mowing my lawn have anything to do with keeping frogs out of my pool?”. Well, frogs love a lot of shade and cover. Sometimes, frogs move into your yard simply because of the thick foliage it provides, then they happily discover your pool later on.

Keep your lawn short and free of weeds to prevent any frogs from moving in. You can also get rid of any stacks of wood or large rocks that the frogs can use as a hiding place. A properly maintained yard is not only nice to look at, it keeps them at bay.

5. Invest in a fence

If you have a little extra money to throw at the problem, you can build a nice fence around your property or a barrier around the pool. Avoid using chain-link fences or iron railings since these are basically useless at keeping the critters out. 

While mesh pool fences are great for keeping kids out (frogs can often climb them or slip between the panels), if you have a frog or pest problem we would recommend tight glass-paneled fences or wooden boards that are at least 8 inches high.

These don’t JUST deter frogs by keeping them away, they also keep out other animals and can serve as nice little installments that make your property nicer to look at.

If you want to install a pool fence, then making sure there’s a solid compartment at the bottom of the fence is a great way to make sure the frogs don’t hop over the bars or through the cracks. 

6. Do it the natural way

If you’re looking for a natural home remedy against frog encroachment, then here’s something you might be into. 

You can take a bottle of vinegar and pour it along the pool edge. Using a spray bottle also helps too. The acidity of the vinegar is a natural frog repellent. In many cases, vinegar is also proven to be toxic to them, killing them way before they ever reach the pool.

Another method is using coffee grounds. After brewing your morning coffee, don’t dispose of the coffee grounds instead, sprinkle them on the edges of tall grass around the pool. The acidity of the coffee is also very uncomfortable for frogs and it can also serve as a great fertilizer for the vegetation.

You can also use freshly squeezed lemon juice (citric acid).

7. Keep the water moving

Frogs love stagnant water. Still, water is the best place for frogs to lay their eggs in. A good way to keep frogs away is to ensure that your pool’s water pumps are up and running as much as possible.

This filters out any frog eggs as well as other dirt depositing on the surface of your pool, then remove them immediately. You can use a pool skimmer attached to a telescopic pole to skim the surface of your pool and get the unwanted particles out. 

Frogs are quick-learning animals. If they notice that their eggs are constantly being killed in the cold water of your pool, then they’re likely going to stop laying eggs there.

Removing the eggs quickly also prevents the damage they can do to your pool in the form of bacteria and algae-causing microbes. 

9. Accept frogs as garden pets

Frogs are not all that bad once you have a handle on them. If you don’t have the heart to kill these creatures, and generally like the fact that they remove flies and insects from your garden, then maybe you can invest in installing a frog pond for them to live in. 

Although you might still need to invest in a pool barrier to keep them away from the pool, having frogs in a pond that needs the garden can effectively deal with any harmful insects. The water would also be very rich in minerals and nutrients. Use it to water your other plants or vegetable garden and enjoy healthy, organic living!

10. Always keep the pool clean

Frogs love dirty pools. They are great places to breed and begin laying eggs. If you have a pool filled with algae, microbes, and imbalanced chemicals, then frogs are likely going to be moving in soon.

Always test your pool’s chemistry, vacuum it every other day, and shock it at least once a week. Engaging in proper pool care and maintenance now ensures you don’t have to deal with annoying critters later on.

It also provides you with a clean and safe place for the whole family to enjoy some splashing fun!


And that was all you needed to know about frogs and how to keep them out of your pool. Though frogs are not the kinds of animals you should be afraid of, keeping them away from where your family swims is just the safest thing to do. They bring bacteria and diseases which can make swimming in your pool less than ideal. No one wants to swim alongside frogs after all.

By doing the things listed out here, and keeping your pool clean and properly maintained, we have no doubt that your swimming pool will remain frog and toad-free for many years to come.

Shiloh McGinley

About the author

Shiloh McGinley has been in and around swimming pools her whole life. She's seen a lot of products come and go, and she wants to share with you the best products that really work!

Shiloh is passionate about helping people stay safe in the water, and she loves educating others on how to choose the right pool products.

When she's not working, Shiloh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and swimming - of course!

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