Dolphin 2018 Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

In this post, I’ll be giving my full review of the Dolphin 2018 Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner.

When robotic pool cleaners were first invented, the amount of energy guzzled by a single bot was equivalent to that required by TWENTY television units!

Surprisingly, even today, many bots continue to use this kind of obsolete, ridiculously inefficient technology.

Not the Dolphin Premier though, it consumes 90% less energy that some conventional (read: prehistoric :-D) pool cleaners.

Dolphin is a pioneer in incorporating on-board low voltage motors for robotic pool cleaners. The results are staggering! For example, the Dolphin Premier uses just a 180 Watt motor. In simple terms, it consumes just 5 cents of power per hour. And that’s just one among it’s long list of virtues.

Many pool owners are wary of cleaning bots because deep down, they feel that they’ll be stuck with an expensive piece of equipment that will go kaput after one season. For this reason, Dolphin offers not one, not two but a best-in-class THREE year warranty on the Premier. That’s about twice as much as some of its close competitors.

No wonder then, that the Dolphin Premier gets gobbled up as soon as it hits the shelves. We recommend that if you see one in stock, hit buy without hesitation!

Dolphin Premier Features:

  • Multimedia: Nope, we’re not suddenly talking about sound systems. Multimedia is a trademarked feature by Dolphin. It refers to multiple cartridge types for the same bot. This feature is exclusive to the premier. In essence, this pool clear comes with micro-cartridges (for extra-fine dirt particles), standard cartridges and an oversized bag for leaves, twigs etc. This provides comprehensive pool cleaning and removes all types of debris.  If you’re an extremely busy pool owner and cannot be bothered about cleaning out the cartridges, you can also opt for Dolphin disposable bags.
  • Direct Drive System (DDS) & Hypergrip Dual Tracks (HDT): Dolphin has done away with drive belts and replaced it with a powerful Direct Drive System. Standard wheels are prone to slippage and hence they’ve been upgraded to high performance rubber Hypergrip Dual Tracks that reduce slippage by up to 40%. Together, DDS & HDT help take efficiency to a whole new high.
  • Cleans Floor, Walls & Tile/Waterline: Fun Fact: Only 1% of the debris in a pool is suspended in the water, the other 99% is stuck to the walls and other surfaces. The Dolphin Premier possess superb wall climbing ability. It attacks dirt, algae, debris and sediment with the voracity of a bloodthirsty shark!
  • The Premier is powered by dual 24 volts DC motors that consume 90% less power than the antiquated suction and pressure type cleaners.
  • Heavy duty dual scrubbing brushes make light work of even the most stubborn dirt/algae deposits. 
  • Smart Navigation System: Even though some pool cleaners have great specs on paper, they don’t really translate to real world practicality. For example: A bot may be able to climb walls but this feature is rendered useless if only goes on cleaning the walls or gets stuck at the bottom of the deep end. The Premier has a Smart Navigation System to avoid all these commonly occurring problems. It provides complete cleaning coverage – including the floor, walls and water/tile-line.
  • Automatic Weekly Timer: Some bots need to fired up manually each week. The Dolphin Premier has a built-in automatic weekly timer and it goes to work on its own at the set interval. The bot also comes with an optional remote control and an LED indicator to signal that it’s time to clean out the cartridge.
  • Anti-Tangle Patented Swivel Technology: Have you ever tried to untangle a knot. It’s frustrating even when you are breathing well and on ground. Now imagine that you bot’s line get tangled underwater. So you basically have two options. Jump into the water and try to unentangle it while holding your breath OR pull out the bot and then put it back into the water so that it gets all tangled up again after a while! Thankfully, the Premier’s 60 foot cable is equipped with a state-of-the-art swivel to prevent entanglement.

Dolphin Premier Pros:

  • No-nonsense, rapid repair 3 year warranty. Not limited to hours or cycles.
  • Works efficiently in Gunite, Plaster, Vinyl, Fiberglass pools.
  • Climbs Walls
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Top rated, highly acclaimed model


  • Suitable for in-ground pools. Not designed for above-ground pools.
  • Pricey. Has a 4 figure price tag.
  • Hard to find. Runs out of stock quickly. If this happens, we recommend taking a look at the Polaris F9550 or Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus instead.

Dolphin 2018 Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Premier is a very competent & efficient in-ground pool cleaning robot.

A few customers have experienced quality issues. but the three year warranty tilts the balance heavily in favor of the bot.  

Our recommendation, if you’ve been sitting on the fence on this one, pick it up (if you can find it)!

Overall Score: 4/5

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Jeff L.

Jeff has been an avid swimmer as long as he can remember, with his first swim lessons in Kindergarten in the 1980s, and became obsessed with pools and swimming shortly thereafter.