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Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin e10 by Maytronics is a great little all rounder. This automatic cleaner is capable of cleaning both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

The Dolphin e10 is easy to use, light, versatile and reliable. It uses active scrubbing to get rid of dirt, algae and bacteria.

This bot is not advertised as having wall climbing ability. Still, many people report that it can do smaller walls as. This makes it usable in smaller in-ground pools.

There is, however, a chink in its armor – it’s not particularly good at cleaning stairs, or walls.

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Editors Note: Click Here for my #1 Recommendation in this category.  It has over 300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

Dolphin e10 Features:

  1. This robotic pool cleaner is light and this makes it easy to handle and carry about if required. It weighs just a tad under 14 pounds. The build quality is robust and dependable.

2. The filtration system can be accessed from the top. This is convenient as you don’t need to flip the bot in order to remove the filter. The filter canister is ridiculous easy to remove and clean. Open the top, remove the filter, give it a rinse and place it back in.

3. CleverClean scanning system ensures excellent navigation and uniform coverage. The bot cleans all parts of the pool thoroughly and rarely ever gets stuck.

4. 40 feet swivel cable prevents tangling. Anybody who has ever owned a pool cleaning robot with a non-swivel cable how important this feature is.

5. The Active brushes are quite efficient and make light work of scrubbing away dirt, calcification and algae. This is where the Dolphin e10 really shines. The brush rotates at amazing speed, leaving the pool sparkling clean!

Dolphin E10 User Guide Video

Dolphin e10 Pros & Cons

  • ​Pros
  • ​cons
  • ​Maytronics is a leading manufacturer of pool cleaners. Hence, there are no issues with respect to reliability and build quality.
  • ​The Dolphin e10 is very easy to live with. It functions efficiently and smoothly. Cost of ownership is also fairly low. Cleaning is hassle free and quick.
  • ​This robot comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The quality of construction is very high and the e10 is expected to last several seasons.
  • This robot comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The quality of construction is very high and the e10 is expected to last several seasons.
  • The filter pump is fast and efficient. A single cycle gets complete in just ninety minutes.
  • The Dolphin e10 is well designed. It looks nice and appealing.

Here is a Video of the E10 Struggling to Climb a Swimming Pool Wall

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Dolphin e10 Final verdict:

This one is a bit difficult. On one hand, the Dolphin e10 is a versatile unit that cleans both in-ground and above ground pools. However, it struggles to clean walls and stairs and this is a major setback. It seems that the e10 tries has tried to become a jack of all trades and not the master of one.

2019 Update: It seems the Reviews on Amazon have improved from 3-4 stars over the past year, feel free to read the Reviews on Amazon for more.  If you gave me one as a gift, i’d certainly use it and appreciate it, but I would not buy one.

The bottom line is that if you want a powerful pool cleaner for the floor, then the e10 is a good choice but get ready to scrub some walls!

If you want something better, my Recommendation is the Dolphin Nautilus Plus Pool Cleaner.

Editors Note: If you’re still interested in the Dolphin e10, don’t worry it’s NOT at all a bad Pool Cleaner, just a bit limited, however you can click the button below for more reviews & info!

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