Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review – Our #1 RATED Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus by Maytronics is a fully automatic in-ground robotic pool cleaner that offers amazingly stupendous performance and ease of use at a (somewhat) affordable price.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review

The CC Plus is The #1 Rated Pool Cleaner on!

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Features:

1) The Dolphin CC Nautilus Plus utilizes CleverClean Pro 3D, a highly advanced intelligent pool scanning system. CleverClean is to a robotic pool cleaner what GPS is to a car. It delivers complete coverage and ensures that no spots or patches get left out.

It can handle pools of a variety of shapes such as rectangle, square, kidney, oval, circle and so on. [no_toc]

The scanning system studies the size and shape of your pool and then goes on to perform a spotless clean job maximum coverage.

The Dolphin Nautilus have CleverClean technology too. However, the tech in the PLUS model is more advanced and refined.

2) Dual-stage fine filtration system: The bot has two filter cartridges. A mesh screen traps larger debris while a polyester cartridge filters ultra-fine dirt.

Even better, the filters are large in size – even larger than those in the Nautilus.

They can be accessed from the top and are easy to clean. Just give them a wash and rinse with a hose or under a tap.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

3) Instead of wheels, the pool cleaner moves using the constantly rotation heavy-duty brushes. These brushes scrub with ferocity and to looses even the most stubborn dirt, algae, and sediment. They also make the bot a lot faster.

4) The bot can go up walls with ease. It cleans the cove, walls and even the waterline without any problems. Wall climbing ability is a highly desirable trait in pool cleaners and it really excels in this department.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Climing Walls

5) 60 feet cables with swivel feature: The cables have a swivel and hence they do not get tangled. This prevents the bot from hovering around the same place or malfunctioning.

6) The powerful pump functions independently. It does need to be connected to the pool’s pump or any kind of booster pump.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pros & Cons

  • The Pros:

  • The Cons:

The Pros:

  • It's actually very quiet
  • Functions independently. Does not require any sort of supervision on your part. Just start the cycle and return after a couple of hours to a gleaming pool.
  • Easy to use. Availability of parts is not a problem. Thanks to Maytronics’ modular system, repairs can be carried out easily and cheaply.
  • The 24-month warranty steals the show and makes this almost a no-brainer. Few other robotic pool cleaners offer so much peace of mind.
  • Excellent track record. It is a very popular pool cleaner. It is loved by thousands of people from all parts of the USA and the world.
  • Exemplary build quality. Does not break easily if maintained properly. Expected to last several seasons if you take good care of it.

This Pool Cleaner is a top pick among pool owners and for good reason too – it is an upgraded version of the popular Nautilus model.

It has a bit more oomph than the older 'standard' Nautilus and offers more bang for your buck.

Differences between the Nautilus & Nautilus CC Plus

 NautilusNautilus PLUS with CleverClean
Filter Type & PorosityBottom access easy-clean cartridge (large & fine debris) Top access easy-clean cartridge (large & very fine debris)
Filter CapacityLarge Extra Large
Turning RadiusSoft Turn 3-point Turn
Cleaning CoverageOptimized Cleaning (floor, wall and up to waterline) CleverClean Technology (floor, cove, and waterline)
Rapid Water ReleaseNo Yes - filterd water exits in under 6 seconds
Customizable CleaningStandard - 3 HoursStandard - 3 Hours
Weight22 lbs22 lbs
Warranty1 Year 2 Year
EasyFix TechnologyYes- DIY Yes- DIY component level
Weekly TimerNo Yes
Our Rating3.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Today's Price:NautilusCC PLUS
  • Size: It's larger and the filter cartridges are also bigger in size. This means that they can trap more debris in a single cycle.
  • Length of cycle: The average cycle of the Nautilus is 3 hours. The Plus model has a shorter cycle at only 2.5 hours.
  • In the Nautilus, the filters are accessed from the bottom. This is not a problem as it is a fairly light bot. However, the Plus is a tad heavier and larger and hence the filters are accessible from the top. This makes removing and cleaning them easier and faster. You do not have to flip the robot.
  • It comes equipped with a smarter pool scanning system and this results in better coverage irrespective of the shape and size of the pool.
  • It's slightly more expensive, which is not a surprise as it is faster, more convenient and has bigger filters. It is up to you to evaluate whether or not you require the additional features.
  • The Plus is more maneuverable. The Plus can perform a 3 point turn while the basic Nautilus can only do a simple soft turn.
  • The Plus has an exclusive 24-month warranty while the Nautilus comes with only a 1 year warranty.

Editors Note: "The plus is an much better Pool Cleaner than the Regular model, it's a bit more expensive, but still better priced than lesser models.  We HIGHLY recommend it as our #1 Choice in this category!"

The Nautilus Plus Final Verdict:

I have to say, I'm very impressed!  Now only is the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is a great pool cleaner, but it's got top Honors at Amazon.

It's got 4.5 stars on Amazon and is ONE of the best pool cleaners we've reviewed on this site. 

You can purchase it will full confidence. Even if something does go wrong, you can always fall upon the awesome after-sales support network.

Check today's price on Amazon, or just see the 1700+ ratings & reviews for yourself!

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Our #1 Recommendation

Check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, our #1 Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaner!

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