Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Pool Cleaners

You probably already know this, but Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are a better alternative to costly professional pool cleaning services. They are also a better option compared to resorting to manually clean the pool yourself which is time consuming and rather ineffective at times.

The Dolphin line of Pool Cleaners are manufactured by the Maytronics Group, which is a pioneer in the robotic pool cleaning industry while also making other innovative products for use in the maintenance and safety of pools.

These include the AQUAlife pool covers and Espio pool alarms. Its range of products and their quality makes the company one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the market.

The company was founded in 1983 and over 30 years it has built an extensive range of state of the art Dolphin pool cleaners. With over 30 years in the business and a focus for eco-friendly products, the company has established a global network for distributing the pool cleaners. The distribution network supports the wholly owned subsidiaries in USA, France and Australia.

The types of Dolphin Pool Cleaners

The Maytronics group has several pool cleaners under the Dolphin brand. These are

  1. Residential robots which are used for any pool type. They are also available in three classes; basic, classic and high-end pool cleaners.
  2. Commercial robots – these are designed for heavy duty work and need minimal supervision. They are used in schools, hotels, spas, swim centers, etc.
  3. Natural Pool Robots – these are the first automatic pool cleaners that can maintain both bio and natural pools. They help support the purification act from the regeneration are by removing debris and scrubbing the wall, floor and waterline.
  4. Suction Robots – these are advanced cleaners using hydroelectric action to clean the water ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning of debris. They also come with a brush for scrubbing the floor.

Why Dolphin Pool Cleaners?

Dolphin Pool cleaners are powered by great technology like CleverClean that enables them to cover every tile of your swimming pool. The superior filtration also reduces and even eliminates the need for using chemicals in the water. The technology also improves water circulation.

They are also compatible with any kind of pool and if you want a specific match that meets your pool needs you only need to pick from the wide product range something that fits your pool and budget.

Finally, the use of these products is supported by quality warranties and you have the extensive support from the manufacturer.

Learn about the different types below, with our INDEPTH and DETAILED Review of each of the MOST popular Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners.