Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner – 1 of Our Favs!

The Dolphin Nautilus by Maytronics is one of the most popular robotic pool cleaners in the USA. Designed for all types of in-ground pools, the Nautilus is a fully automatic pool cleaning solution and tackles the bottom, wall and even the water-line with ease.

Instead of using a conventional pool filter bag, the Nautilus uses a cartridge that can be removed and cleaned with ease.

Let’s learn more about this highly acclaimed pool cleaner.

dolphin nautilus robotic pool cleaner

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Dolphin Nautilus Features:

1) The pool cleaner is visually pleasing but it does not look imposing by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly doesn’t seem laden with features at first glance. However, as it is said, don’t judge a book by its cover. The Nautilus comes packed with loads of goodies that give it a definite edge over most robots in its category. Instead of having wheels, the bot has heavy duty rolling brushes that scrub the pool surface constantly as the device moves.

2) The Nautilus is equipped with a very powerful pump that can filter up to a whopping 4230 gallons of water per hour. This means that it does not require any sort of booster pump. In fact, you don’t need to connect it to anything else except the power supply.

3) Filter cartridges last longer than the dreaded filter bags. They’re also much easier to remove and clean.

4) The Nautilus has very good path-finding ability. It does not get baffled by kidney, round or oval shaped pools. It can scan and operate in almost all types and shapes of in-ground swimming pools. The intelligent scanning system ensures complete coverage and a thorough clean. There are no dirty patches or spots after the bot has completed its cycle. You might also want to note that the Nautilus is not hindered by vinyl or slightly raised drains. The bot functions independently and does not require any supervision on your part

5) The Nautilus has a 30 Volt power supply with integrated circuits – this helps to keep energy consumption as low as possible. An average cycle of three hours uses up just 15 cents worth of electricity! (This number varies based upon the cost of electricity in your area, amount of dirt in the pool, weight of dirt collected in the cartridge etc.) This Nautilus is powerful yet energy efficient – a very rare combination.

6) The patented 60 foot swivel cable does not get entangled and ensures smooth operation. The length of the cable makes this bot suitable for larger pools with a length of up to 50 feet.

Dolphin Nautilus Pros:

1) The bot weighs less, only about 18 pounds; thus, it is easy to handle and consumes a lesser amount of power. There are side grips so that you can hold, and move the bot without tugging on the cables. The cables too are incredibly hardy and will not lose their shape unless you roll them up and keep them that way for a considerable amount of time.

2) A big plus point is the Nautilus’s ability to climb walls. Many pool cleaners cannot climb walls and this makes them highly impractical, especially for medium to large sized in ground swimming pools. The Nautilus climbs walls and also cleans the waterline. Its nose protrudes slightly above the water as the brushes scrub and vacuum along the waterline.

3) The build quality is pretty solid. Filter cartridges do not get damaged as easily as filter bags. Hence, they need to replaced less often – this brings down the maintenance costs. Also, the cartridges are way easier to remove and clean.

4) The bot is quiet. It does its job without raising any sort of commotion. The powerful pump and the continuously rotating brushes make a potent duo and get rid of algae, dust, dirt, sediment, debris etc. from all types of pool surfaces.

5) Maytronics is a renowned brand. Availability of spares is not a problem. Excellent customer support and after sales service.

Dolphin Nautilus Cons:

1) The bot does not come with its own caddy. This is not a deal breaker as the Nautilus is pretty light. Still, a caddy would have been nice.

2) The bot struggles while going up walls if the filters are loaded with dirt. You have to clean the filters regularly to prevent overloading.

3) The Nautilus does not have very big wheels. Hence, it struggles to transition from the pool floor to walls if the angle is very sharp.

4) Some bots in this price range have a remote control – the Nautilus does not.

Dolphin Nautilus In Action (Video)

Verified Customer Reviews from Amazon:

  1. Tony Rattini, Verified Amazon Purchase
  2. “Avid Reader”, Verified Amazon Purchase

Final Verdict:

The Dolphin Nautilus is a highly capable robotic pool cleaner at a very good price. It does most things right, very few things wrong and comes with the Maytronics Dolphin peace of mind. No wonder it is trusted by thousands.

There are some negative reviews reported on, however most are still quite positive and it has a 4 star review overall. 

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