Polaris P825 Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner Review

Owned by Zodiac, Polaris is a leading robotic pool cleaner manufacturer.

Many of their models possess an exceptional price to performance ratio.

The ​P825 manages to tick all the right boxes with its wall climbing ability and powerful suction mechanism. Let's find out whether the P825 justifies its 4-digit price tag or not.

​P825 Features:

  • Surface Control System: Pools comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – square, oval, figure of 8 and so on. Many bots find it hard to navigate through wackily shaped pools and struggle at the steps and corners in even a standard rectangular pool. The P825’s Surface Control System enables it to tackle in-ground pools of all shapes. It scrubs all types of surfaces with gusto – be it vinyl, concrete or fiberglass. It even climbs and cleans steps, walls and the waterline. (In our book, anything that does not climb walls is not really a full-fledged pool cleaner).
  • Cyclonic Vacuum Technology: Polaris’s proprietary technology ensures powerful suction and efficient cleaning. The bot captures all kinds of contaminants including leaves, small pebbles, algae etc. A common problem with pool cleaners is that they lose suction power while cleaning. However, thanks to clever engineering, there is no such issue with the P825.
  • Push’N’Go filter ​Canister: The ​P825’s filter is easy to access, release, clean and reload. Unlike other bots that have complicated mechanisms and lever at hard-to-reach places, the P825’s canister releases at just a push of a button.
  • Transparent window: While many high end pool cleaners feature a canister full indicator, the P825 has a simple transparent window so that the user can determine whether the basket is full and needs cleaning. This is such a genial solution that we have to applaud Polaris for it. It did away with electric circuitry and sensors in an extremely clever and practical manner. That’s the kind of machines that the world actually needs.
  • A premium caddy is included with the bot. It can be assembled quickly without any special tools and is useful for storing and transporting the P825 with ease.
  • The P825 is equipped with high grade tank treads that ensure plenty of traction on all surfaces – including coves, steep slopes and walls. This, combined with a smart navigation system, enable the bot to clean all parts of the pool without a hassle.

​Polaris P825 Pros & Cons

  • ​PROS
  • ​CONS
  • 1
    ​Artificial intelligence ensures efficient navigation
  • 2
    ​2 cleaning cycles of 1.5 or 2.5 hours – floor only and floor plus walls. Users select the appropriate cycle depending on how dirty the pool is.
  • 3
    ​Cyclonic Vacuum technology eliminates stubborn stains.
  • 4
    Premium caddy
  • 5
    2 year warranty. This lends peace of mind since this is a pretty expensive robot.

​P825 Final Verdict: 

This is not a bad robot. It has good cleaning ability, a 2 year warranty and possesses impressive specs.

Having said that, the bot does miss out on some key components such as remote control and fish mesh filter. It's also too expensive for what it offers.  

​So... it’s not a very popular model ( and we think for good reason too). This puts a big question mark on availability of parts in the future.

The bot itself is not easily available and customer feedback ranges from excellent to mixed to outright horrible.

​When you Google it, ​​2 of the 4 top Auto Suggest Searches are BAD - and show some of it's main issues right away:

polaris p825 not moving
  • ​Polaris p825 Not Moving​​​
  • Polaris P825 Track Keeps Coming Off.

Not looking Good, P825...Not looking Good...

The bottom line is that if you’re going to invest $1,000+ plus dollars on a product, it needs to be a proven model and the ​P825 is not one.

​Our Recommendation: ​ We recommend that you give this pool cleaner ​a pass and go for the top rated and highly acclaimed Dolphin Nautilius CC Plus. (It's a few hundred cheaper too, so use the money you save and buy your significant other something nice) 🙂

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Jeff L.

Jeff has been an avid swimmer as long as he can remember, with his first swim lessons in Kindergarten in the 1980s, and became obsessed with pools and swimming shortly thereafter.