Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris Pool Cleaners are robotic pool cleaners that give you efficiency and cost effectiveness. You do not have to worry about the regular costs from swimming pool cleaning companies or your inability and limitations for manually cleaning the pool.

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The company behind Polaris cleaners is Zodiac Group. As a company, it was registered in 1909 with a focus of creating inflatable kayaks. Through acquisitions and mergers, the company entered into the pool business and in 1994, the acquisition of Sweepy International brought it to the business of manufacturing pool cleaners.

Polaris Pool Systems incorporated and with time rose to become a market leader in the manufacturing of robot poll cleaners. Polaris Pool Systems Incorporated benefits by being under a parent company that has pioneered innovation in a number of fields around water.

From building inflatable boats to pools and even bomb carriers, Zodiac has amassed a wealth of pioneering experience and capacity to build some of the best pool systems and utilities globally.

Zodiac has focused in creating the best all round pool system named ‘The Total Zodiac Pool’. This is achieved by the creation of an integrated system of pool and spa utilities which cover every aspect of swimming pool use and maintenance. These include heaters, pumps, pool covers, Aqualink control systems for the remote control of your pool, salt water sanitizing systems and the automatic pool cleaners. It is in this latter group that Polaris pool cleaners fall.

The range of Polaris Pool cleaners includes the basic ones fit for home use to top of the range models that have multiple features to cover all pool cleaning needs

Why pick Polaris cleaners?

  1. They are backed by innovation and excellence developed over 100 years of engineering. This ensures the products quality and support.
  2. The pool cleaners are the most energy efficient and eco-friendly with respective ratings to prove their cost-saving and green technology. These cleaners have the same energy consumption of an 80-watt light bulb.
  3. Innovative designs that allow for easy operation, handling and low maintenance. This ensures you require little technical assistance and you can easily work with them and once on they need minimal supervision to work efficiently.
  4. The cleaners are readily serviceable with quality parts direct from the manufacturer, eliminating the need for third party parts or disposing off your cleaners.
  5. A global presence that provides needed support and easy access to the pool cleaners at low cost.
On this website, we aim to review the TOP Robotic Pool Cleaners of today, AND the past few years! View our Polaris Cleaner Reviews below, and drop us a line if you have any questions or can’t make your mind up! 🙂