Polaris 9550 Sport Review 

We’ve reviewed quite a number of pool cleaners on this site.  Now we're doing a review of the Polaris 9550 Sport Robot Pool Cleaner!

Polaris 9550 Sport Robot Pool Cleaner

Some pool cleaners we've reviewed are nothing short of show-stopping, sporting all the latest features and some of the most advanced pool cleaning technology in the industry. 

Others are more straightforward in their design, doing a somewhat basic task extraordinarily while still being affordable. 

The purpose of reviews like this is to weigh in on the pros and cons of each unit and take a good look at each of the features to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Not all robotic vacuum cleaners are created equally, this means that getting the right one for your pool requires a well-informed decision. 

This time around, we’ll be looking at the Polaris 9550 Sport robotic pool vacuum. Definitely one of the most popular and well-known robotic pool vacuum models circulating the market right now, it’s a product whose reputation precedes it.

With remote control and motion sensing features, it’s also one of the more intelligent models. 

Why Listen to Me?

I've been in and around swimming pools since before I could walk!

  • As a kid, I spent the summers at my grandpa's in the pool for what seems like 6-8 hours a day
  • As an adult, I've had my own pool since I first owned my house!
  • I've used & tested DOZENS of Robotic Pool Cleaners the past 25 years, I know what to look for, and am here to share my experience with you!

Does this model live up to its hype or is it all just marketing?

Come with us for an in-depth review of the Polaris 9550 Sport and see if it really is worth the purchase.

Polaris 9550 Sport features:

Let's examine some of the Polaris 9550 Sport's features in more detail...

Motion Sensing Remote

There was a time when one needed to physically fish the vacuum out in order to set its cleaning cycle.

Smartphone apps and/or wireless controls seemed like things of science fiction as everyone just assumed that robotics pool cleaners simply had to function on buttons.

Not anymore though.

Wireless technology has found its way into many new robotic pool vacuum models and the Polaris 9550 Sport is no exception.

This unit comes with a motion-sensing remote control that allows you to turn the unit off/on and even direct it to a specific spot of the pool you want it to give extra attention to.

Dirty Canister Indicator

Both on the remote control and the machine itself, an indicator will appear when it's time to take out and clean the extra large canister.

This is an extra step in providing convenience that lets you know when it’s actually time to bother the unit.

Otherwise, you can simply start the robotic vacuum up and forget about it as it goes about its cleaning business. 

Safe For All Pool Surfaces

While the scrubbers of this unit are the stuff of pool cleaning legend, they’re surprisingly easy on your pool's surface.

Earlier models of pool cleaners, robotic or otherwise, unavoidably scratch or damage the surface of the pool through either its scrubbers or its wheels. Skid marks left by the unit were also a problem too.

But with the Polaris 9550 Sport, your pool is saved from such nuisances.

The Polaris 9550 Sport can easily handle anything tile or granite to vinyl pool types with relative ease.

7-day Scheduling

A personal favorite feature that many modern robotic pool cleaners have is week scheduling.

With weekly scheduling, you can set specific days wherein the robotic pool cleaner will automatically turn on and begin its cleaning cycle. This is an extraordinarily convenient feature that lets you just forget the unit exists until you notice that the pool has been immaculately clean for some time.

The Polaris 9550 Sport has this feature down.

So long as there’s room in the canister and it’s attached to a power source, the Polaris 9550 Sport will clean your pool at regular intervals whether you command it to or not.

Easy Lift System

Another neat little feature sported by the Polaris 9550 Sport is its Easy Lift System. Usually, when the cleaner needs to be attended to, the pool owner has to physically get into the pool or fish the unit out with a poll.

This is not a problem with the Polaris 9550 Sport though. With a single push of a button, the water automatically ejects from the unit and it floats to the surface of the pool where you can grab it.

If you don’t want to get wet though, make sure the unit is already at the pool’s edge when you use this feature. The Easy Lift System might not mean much if it's floating at the center of the pool and hard to reach!

The Polaris 9550 Sport has what it likes to call Vortex Technology. In a nutshell, this means that it has an oversized suction intake that captures large debris and keeps it suspended in constant motion for long-lasting cleaning performance.

The Polaris 9550 Sport also has 4 Wheel Drive Technology that tackles any pool terrain, climbs steps and walls, and scrubs tile line with a solid-blade scrubbing brush.

If you’ve ever had a pool cleaner that’s only good at cleaning the pool’s floor, you know what this feature is so important.

Apart from innate features, the unit also comes with a premium-designed caddy. This is an important addition that the creators were correct to have.

The machine, being as powerful and smart as it is, weighs in at about 44 pounds. Without the caddy, you’re basically lugging around a heavy hunk of plastic that’ll be a beast to get in and out of your pool.

Finally, the unit comes with a thankfully long 70 ft. cable. 

If you have an extra-large pool, which this unit is great for by the way, then having a cable this long that’s anti-tangle too is indispensable.   

Pros & cons


  • There’s No Question About Its Cleaning Prowess. In under 2 hours, this unit can effectively clean your pool to spotless perfection. The Vortex Technology also means it can handle larger debris too, very important if you have plants or grass surrounding your pool.
  • The Motion-sensing Remote and Easy Lift System. Though not an absolutely necessary feature, being remote-controlled allows you to make extra sure your pool is cleaned the way you want it. The Easy Lift System is also an extra layer of convenience that I personally can’t live without.
  • Flexible Cleaning Time. With weekly scheduling and adjustable cycles, you get a clean that’s both thorough and personalized. I suggest you set the unit for night-time cleaning at least every 3 days for a medium to the large-sized pool. This allows for uninterrupted and hygienic fun for the whole family.
  • Energy Efficiency. Compared to other pool cleaning models, the Polaris 9550 Sport is surprisingly low on energy consumption, even with all its techy features.
  • It Comes From A Widely Trusted Brand. For more than 40 years, Polaris has been known worldwide for its quality and premium cleaning power. The visionary class of pool cleaners released by this brand has become the benchmark against which all others are measured.


  • Even With The Caddy, It’s Still Pretty Heavy. 40 pounds is nothing to be taken lightly. Even with the caddy to wheel it around, it still takes some serious muscles to move this robotic pool cleaner.
  • It's A Sensitive Piece Of Machinery. Like with any other robotic pool cleaner, the Polaris 9550 Sport has a lot of moving and sensitive parts. If one aspect of the machine goes wrong, the rest suffers.
  • Might Not Be Ideal For Small Pools. This is a big, powerful machine capable of handling tough pool cleaning jobs. But if you have somewhat of a small-sized pool, it might be too much, way too much. Of course, far be it for me to keep you from getting the biggest and the badest pool cleaner if you want it.
  • You Might Need To Pay Extra For A Finer Mesh Filter. The standard mech filter of the Polaris 9550 Sport can remove debris of up to 200 microns small. Though this is more than sufficient, having a finer clean will require you to purchase a filter with a finer mesh.


And that was our review of the Polaris 9550 Sport. Overall, this is one of the most advanced and powerful units you can purchase in the market today.

With a string of innovative features centered around effective cleaning with maximum convenience, we're sure that the Polaris 9550 Sport won’t disappoint.

That being said, the needs and wants of each pool owner are different. If you’re one of those pool owners with a small-sized pool that needs the most minimal of cleaning and maintenance, then the Polaris 9550 Sport might prove to be too much.

Another reason why the unit doesn’t score higher is that all its innovative features come at the cost of portability.

If you’re a bodybuilder who can carry heavy things with relative ease then this might not be too much of a problem for you.

But if you’re like the rest of us who exercise only when they feel like it, then a pool cleaner this heavy might seem too cumbersome to handle.

At the end of the day, the decision rests with you!

The Polaris 9550 Sport is an intelligent and powerful cleaning companion that should definitely be considered when shopping for the best robotic pool vacuum.

If you’re asking me though, yes, it’s most definitely recommended for purchase!  If you DON'T think it's for you, however, check out our #1 recommendation below! 

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