DOLPHIN Advantage Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 20, 2022

Front Scrubbers
  • Energy-Efficiency. In today's setting, with rising energy prices and climate change, the need for household appliances to be energy-efficient is expected. Costing you an average of 5 cents an hour, this robotic pool cleaner has the double benefit of being easy on the environment and being easy on your savings.
  • Effective Cleaning For Small- To Medium-Sized Pools. For pools that are 33 feet in size or less, the DOLPHIN Advantage offers premium cleaning at record speeds. There’s no denying that with high suction rates, efficient scrubbers, and a large filter basket, this cleaner is a pool cleaning solution.
  • Automatic And Convenient. As stated above, the weekly scheduling function allows you to just leave the unit alone and go about your business. Who wouldn’t want a robotic servant ensuring the pool is properly cleaned on your behalf?!
  • Great Price Point. Compared to other DOLPHIN cleaning models, thisunit sports a relatively low price point that won’t hurt the coin purse. The dolphin e10 IS $100 cheaper, for comparison, but when considering the number of benefits you’re getting in return, it’s hard not to consider the dolphin advantage a steal. 
  • Is Not Wi-Fi Ready. Though this is by no means a dealbreaker, some people might be looking for a pool cleaner with the most features possible. Probably an omission needed to support a lower price point, this unit is not Wi-Fi ready. This means that it cannot be remote-controlled. You’ll have to physically push buttons on the unit back to set it to the cleaning schedule you want.
  • Might Not Be Suitable For Large Pools. Large pools are a beast to clean in any scenario. They require an extra level of cleaning that a pool cleaner with this price point cant support. That’s not to say though that it can’t keep up. It just means that if you have a large pool and clean it in as little time as possible, you might want something along the lines of the DOLPHIN Advantage ULTRA or higher.
  • Only Has One Cleaning Duration. Unlike other models which allow you to choose a cleaning duration of 1 hour - Quick, 2 hours - Standard, or 3 hours - Deep Clean, this model only has the Standard duration.

A More Detailed Look

For this review, we’ll be going over the DOLPHIN Advantage robotic pool cleaner, weighing in on its pros and cons, to see if it offers the most bang for your buck.

If you’re considering getting this particular model, read on to learn more about it!

As you no doubt know, robotic pool cleaners are items made to make the job of pool cleaning so much easier.

A task that can usually take up most of your day, there is a whole market founded on getting it done in a few hours or less. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the robotic pool vacuum cleaners that have come to dominate swimming pools all over the world. 

With that in mind, it’s important to note that not all pool cleaners are created equally.

  • Some are indeed better than others — sporting the most innovative features while still keeping price points low enough to be attainable. 
  • Others are more or less robbery, leaving you with way less than your money’s worth.

That’s why we’re here, reviewing each robotic pool cleaner we can get our hands on, to give you the complete picture of what to expect.  

In this case, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the dolphin advantage fairly early on in it's release.

We tested it for a full 30 days in our home swimming pool, and want to share our thoughts with you below. 

Dolphin Advantage Features

Dolphin Advantage In Action

Let's look at some of the more notable features of the Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner!

It's An All Around Good Pool Cleaner

Another thing we mean when we say not all pool cleaners are created equally is that some pool cleaners are best suited for specific types of pools.

Pools come in many different shapes and sizes, are made with many different materials.

A pool cleaner that’s less than suited to accommodate these factors won’t clean it as effectively as you might have hoped. And in the worst cases, it might end up causing damage to the pool. 

This is not a problem shared by the DOLPHIN Advantage.

You can expect that this robotic pool cleaner is versatile enough that it works on any pool surface type- gunite, tile, plaster, and everything in between.

We Loved The Weekly Scheduler

Weekly Scheduler

When you’ve been using pool cleaners as long as we have, you’d remember that the older model of pool cleaners has automatic functions.

When you want to use them, you’d have to physically press the button, usually on the top or the back, and drop it into the pool.

And when it’s done, or the filter is full, there’s the back-breaking work of fishing it out again. 

This pool cleaner though has a weekly scheduler, meaning you can set it to automatically run, either every day, every other day, or every three days.

As long as it’s plugged into a power source and there’s still room in its filter, you can simply just leave it alone to do its thing without your supervision.

It's Surprisingly Small and Light!

Weighing in at almost 14 pounds, the DOLPHIN Advantage is a thankfully lightweight unit.

Again, if you remember using the older models of robotic pool cleaners, you’d remember how heavy and cumbersome they are to get from the storage room into the pool and back.

Its compact design also goes great with its tank-like wheels, allowing it as much traction as possible.

We loved how it's small size was able to clean well along the waterline and get into those hard-to-reach corners of our pool.

Large Single Basket

Large Cleaning Basket

This might not seem like a big deal, but personally, a large filter basket is a necessity I simply must have in a pool cleaner.

Think about it: you dropped a pool cleaner in, expecting at least 2 hours of effective cleaning, only to find that your pool is still grimey because the filter basket quickly reached its capacity.

It’s nothing short of a nuisance! Large filter baskets are a solution to this problem. 

With it, you’re saved from constantly having to check on the pool cleaner every thirty minutes or so.

You can simply drop it in and be confident in the fact that you only have to check the filter once the cleaning is done. And even then, it might still not be that full!

Front High-Speed Scrubbers

Front Scrubbers

Suction and filtration are one thing, but it’s in the scrubbers that you can tell how effective a pool cleaner really is. Scrubber, oftentimes, can make or break the unit in question. Either they’re too weak to scrub anything off or so stiff that it scratches the surface.

The DOLPHIN Advantage possesses long rubber-like scrubbers at the front that rotate at high speeds. It effectively picks up debris and algae and everything in between without causing damage to the pool's surface. 

The cleaning duration of each cycle is around 2 hours, give or take. With a suction rate of 4000 GPH, that’s more than enough time to get the pool entirely clean in an hour and thirty with an extra 30 minutes just to be sure.

The DOLPHIN Advantage is best suited for pools with a maximum size of 33 feet. This makes it an ideal purchase for residential pools, or pools small- to medium-sized pools. Anything larger than that might require multiple cycles. 

A purchase of this pool cleaner also gets you a complimentary power cord about 50 feet in length. Unlike other DOLPHIN cleaner models though, it doesn’t seem like this one sports the anti-tangle technology. 

With growing energy prices and the push towards more sustainably-minded appliances, it’s not enough for a pool cleaner to be good at its job. It needs to be environmentally conscious too.

Luckily, this unit also presents itself as a good investment due to being energy efficient. With an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour, a purchase of this means you don’t have to sacrifice a high energy bill for a clean pool.

We tested out the dolphin advantage in our pool for a month, here's our thoughts:


There are many pool cleaners out there with varying degrees of efficiency. A lot of pool cleaners go through extensive periods of trial and error to find the right one, wasting tons of money in the process. That’s why we’re here to waste the money for you!

With regards to the DOLPHIN Advantage, it’s not the greatest pool cleaner in the world. There are many others out there with way more features that’ll handle almost anything that you throw at them. 

But for what it is, the DOLPHIN Advantage isn't half bad. In fact, it’s a great unit to own for a residential pool when considering what it offers in exchange for its price.

The main highlight of this unit, for us at least, is the large filter basket and the suction rate that’s on par with more expensive models. 

And that was our review of the DOLPHIN Advantage.

Though it might leave more to be desired for some, it's definitely a pool cleaner that most pool owners can get behind, at a great price. It’s definitely recommended for purchase.

Editors Recommendation: If you want to avoid the hassle and get hands down the best pool cleaning bot then the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus would be the one to get.  It’s also Amazon’s #1 pool cleaning bot with OVER 11,000 POSITIVE Reviews!

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Our #1 Recommendation

Check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, our #1 Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaner with over 11,000 positive reviews!

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