Dolphin E10 Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 6, 2022

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  • The feature set despite being extensive is still basic at best. The Dolphin E10 lacks a full filter indicator, more than one cleaning mode, a scheduling system, and a timer.
  • Works best for small pools especially with the 40ft cable compared to other cleaners that have 60 ft cables.
  • Like many above-ground robotic pool cleaners, the E10 is unable to climb stairs & walls which makes it best suited for above ground pools. The short walls will still have to be scrubbed by hand, but if you're using an above ground pool that's to be expected, as the above-ground pool cleaners do perform differently.

A More Detailed Look at the Dolphin E10

The Dolphin E10 is one of the many robotic pool cleaners to have come out of Maytronics which aims to make residential pool cleaning a cinch. But that's a claim that every robotic pool cleaning gadget company makes so should you care about it?

Well if you have an above ground pool up to 30 feet in diameter and length, then you should care. Another reason to care is that the Dolphin E-10 is less than half the price of the standard Dolphin pool cleaner.

At half the price you still get 70% of its more expensive sibling's features like active brushing and smart navigation. We'll jump into those later on in the review.

If you've got an above ground pool, you should be fine - but we found that even though you can toss it into your small in-ground swimming pool but doing so means it will not scrub the walls. In-ground pool owners are arguably better off with something more powerful and ideally bigger like the Dolphin Premier.

Maytronics Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin e10 Features

  • Light Weight and Easy to Carry: Weighing slightly under 14lbs ensures that it can be taken anywhere and stored away easily. Plus, the lightweight design is deceiving robust and durable.
  • Top Accessible Filtration System: Unlike some other pool cleaning bots you don’t need to flip the D10 over to remove the filter. Not mention the filter canister only requires a twist of your wrists to remove, rinse and put back.
  • CleverClean Scanning Feature: Found on the way more expensive Triton Plus, the system uses a series of sensors which map out the swimming pool. The onboard algorithm then calculates the best cleaning path.  The result is that the D10 spends less time wandering aimlessly around the pool consequently consuming less energy yet ensuring that it does not miss a spot on the pool’s floor.
  • Generous 40 Feet Swivel Cable: The D10’s patented swivel technology ensures that you no longer have to worry about tangled cables in your swimming pool.
  • Active Scrubbing: The E10 relies on a single brush to sweep up algae and dirt off the swimming pool floor. The Active Brushing technology uses a rotating brush moving 2x faster than the robot ensuring that it can rid the pool floor and corners of the finest dirt.
  • Highly Efficient Tracks and not wheels. The tracks give the D10 a stronger grip regardless of the pool’s surface, while looking as cool as the Mars rover. It also ensures that the robot does not get stuck on drains or slips ensuring better energy efficiency.
  • Instant Water Release System: Lifting the Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool cleaner out of the pool does not require 18” inch arms thanks to the instant water release system. As you lift the robot out of the pool it quickly starts letting out water, while keeping the dirt inside. Letting the water out makes it lighter to lift without breaking a sweat.
  • One Button Operation: A single button that works as an on/off switch. The downside to this is that there is so much that a single button can do which is why the robot is limited to just the basic set of features.

Dolphin e10 Review & Final verdict:

The Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is good, but not amazing.

  • On the one hand, it checks all the boxes for ease of use, beginner friendliness, lightweight, and power efficiency due to it's innovative power supply.
  • On the other hand, you’re stuck with the laborious task of scrubbing the pool’s walls and steps.

If you are the owner of a small above ground pool and are looking for a robot that’s easy to use, durable and reliable at a great price, then the dolphin above ground pool vacuum is worth considering.

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