Dolphin e50 Review After Trying It Out for 30 Days

By Shiloh

January 30, 2024

Remember the days of backbreaking pool duty? Lugging vacuums, wrestling hoses, and battling algae like it was your sworn enemy? Those days are officially over, thanks to my new poolside partner in crime (and cleanliness): the Dolphin e50. For the past 30 days, I've put this little aquatic warrior through its paces, and guess what? It doesn't just clean pools, it revolutionizes them.

Sure, I've tried pool bots before. Each one promised sparkling water and robotic freedom, but they always left me feeling like I'd traded one chore for another. Tangled cords, cryptic controls, and questionable cleaning performance – it was enough to make you long for the good old days of skimming leaves by hand (okay, maybe not). But the e50 is different. It's not just another pretty face (or should I say, sleek plastic shell). It's a pool-cleaning powerhouse that's transformed my backyard into a sparkling oasis, and my aching back into a grateful grin.

So, after 30 days of sun-soaked testing, here's the lowdown on why the Dolphin e50 has earned a permanent spot in my poolside paradise:

Diving Deep into the e50's Feature Arsenal:

Dolphin Explorer E50 with multi-layer filtering

This little aquatic warrior is packed with tech that makes pool cleaning feel like a tropical vacation for your to-do list:

1. Effortless Ease: Forget complicated setup and manuals thicker than a lifeguard's biceps. The e50 is plug-and-play simplicity. Drop it in, press a button, and watch it waltz around your pool like a robotic mermaid, collecting dirt and debris like a champion sandcastle sculptor.

2. Wall-Climbing Whiz: Stubborn scum lines at the waterline? Not on the e50's watch. Its powerful brushes and impressive climbing skills tackle grime from floor to just below the waterline, leaving your pool walls squeaky clean and your back achingly grateful.

3. Multi-Filtration Mayhem: This bot isn't picky about its palate. The e50 boasts a dual filtration system that devours everything from leaves and twigs to pollen and dust bunnies, leaving your water crystal-clear and your sandcastles intact.

4. Scheduled Scrubbing Serenity: Ditch the sunrise skimmer sprints. The e50 lets you program cleaning schedules, so you can wake up to a sparkling oasis every morning. Imagine enjoying a pre-work dip instead of battling the hose – pure bliss!

5. Tangle-Free Tango: Ever been tangoed by a tangled pool hose? Not a pretty sight (or dance move). The e50 eliminates the drama with a swivel cord, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning and frustration-free pool maintenance. No more interpretive dance routines with plastic tubes, thank you very much.

Pros and Cons: The Honest Truth (with a Splash of Sunshine):


  • Effortless cleaning: Seriously, it's like magic, minus the pointy hats and incantations.
  • Powerful performance: Handles everything from leaves to pollen, leaving your pool sparkling like a diamond mine.
  • Easy to use: No complicated programming or manual labor required – just push the button and go!
  • Time-saving wonder: Schedule your cleaning and spend more time doing cannonballs, not cartwheels with the filter.
  • Tangle-free bliss: Say goodbye to hose-wrestling nightmares and hello to stress-free poolside lounging.


  • Limited pool size: Best for pools up to 50 feet, so mega-pools might need a bigger robotic buddy.
  • Filter cleaning: You'll need to manually empty the filter, but hey, at least it's not lugging a heavy vacuum across the deck. No gym membership required!
  • No Wi-Fi smarts: No app control or fancy scheduling bells and whistles, but at this price point, I'm not complaining. Who needs Siri to tell your robotmaid to clean the pool anyway?

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling the e50's Hidden Gems:

Now, I wouldn't be doing justice to this aquatic marvel if I didn't delve into some of its lesser-known, but equally awesome features:

  • Dual scrubbing brushes: These clever little contraptions rotate like tireless sous chefs, scrubbing away algae, grime, and even that stubborn sunscreen film that turns your pool into a disco ball at night.
  • Active scrubbing technology: No more passive-aggressive cleaning here. The e50 actively seeks out dirt and debris, leaving no corner un-scrubbed. Imagine it as a tiny underwater Roomba with an attitude.
  • Swivel neck maneuverability: This isn't your grandpa's clunky pool cleaner. The e50 navigates your pool like a ballerina on ice, gliding around obstacles and corners with grace and precision. Say goodbye to bumps, scrapes, and the occasional nosedive against the pool wall.
  • Durable design: Built to withstand the harsh summer sun and chlorine baths, the e50 is a sturdy little fella. This isn't a one-season wonder – it's your poolside partner in crime for years to come.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: No more wrestling with heavy vacuums. The e50 is light enough for anyone to lift and maneuver, making it perfect for even the most vertically challenged (or sun-soaked) pool owner.

Dolphin e50 Final Verdict: Worth the Dive?

Absolutely! The Dolphin e50 has brought peace, harmony, and sparkling clean water back to my backyard. It's effortless, powerful, and surprisingly affordable, making it a perfect choice for pool owners who want to spend less time cleaning and more time soaking up the rays. Sure, it might not have all the bells and whistles of its flashier cousins, but the e50 is a workhorse, not a poolside fashionista, and its cleaning performance speaks volumes.

So, if you're tired of battling pool grime and longing for a cleaner, easier way to maintain your watery haven, give the Dolphin e50 a shot. You might just find yourself dancing with joy (and a perfectly clean pool) in no time. Remember, this review is just my two cents (or should I say, two scoops of pool chlorine?). Do your research, compare models, and find the perfect pool bot for your needs.

But if you're looking for a reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly option that punches above its weight, the Dolphin e50 is definitely worth a swim. Just think – fewer hours slaving over the skimmer means more time for poolside barbecues, epic cannonball competitions, and those lazy afternoons spent reading under the umbrella, the cool water lapping at your toes. Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn't it?

Final Thoughts: From Skeptic to Believer:

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. Another pool cleaner promising paradise? Yeah, right. But the Dolphin e50 has made me a believer. It's cleaned my pool to a level I never thought possible, freeing me up to actually enjoy my backyard oasis. It's easy to use, reliable, and surprisingly affordable, making it a no-brainer for anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning and more time soaking up the summer sun.

So, ditch the backaches, the endless skimmer battles, and the chemical warfare. Give the Dolphin e50 a shot. You might just find yourself living your best poolside life, with crystal-clear water, endless sunshine, and the sweet, sweet sound of carefree laughter – all thanks to your robotic partner in crime (and cleanliness). Cheers to that!

P.S. Remember, this is just my story. Do your research, compare models, and find the perfect pool bot for your needs. But if you're looking for a powerful, user-friendly, and budget-conscious option, the Dolphin e50 is definitely worth a deep dive. Happy swimming!

About the author

Shiloh McGinley has been in and around swimming pools her whole life. She's seen a lot of products come and go, and she wants to share with you the best products that really work!

Shiloh is passionate about helping people stay safe in the water, and she loves educating others on how to choose the right pool products.

When she's not working, Shiloh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and swimming - of course!

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