Dolphin Sigma Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 13, 2022

  • The Pros
  • the cons
  • Smart Navigation
  • CleverClean
  • 3 motors plus dual brushes for a vigorous clean
  • Spot Cleaning via the My Dolphin App
  • Doesn’t tangle
  • 2 filtration options – fine and ultrafine
  • Schedule weekly cycles in advance

A More Detailed Look

The New Dolphin Sigma Pool Cleaner is an intelligent workhorse!

It’s got smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity for spot cleaning, an advanced navigation system, weekly cycle scheduler etc and it can climb walls and clean the waterline too!

The Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner is a furious little pool cleaner with an insatiable appetite for dirt, small pebbles, leaves, algae and other small and large debris. It goes about it’s business like a true professional. It has got a powerful motor that’s almost perfect for residential pools up to 50 feet in length.

Yes, the price may seem to be a little high compared to other pool cleaners, but in our experience, it’s better to invest once and smile for a long, long time instead of crying everyday.

There are some dirt cheap robotic pool cleaners out there – the only thing that’s good about them is the price. They need a whole lot of other stuff like auxiliary cables, external pumps and what not.

Plus, they do not clean walls or the pool floor, and are pretty bad at navigating the pool – why would anybody want to invest in a cleaner that does not even clean the entire pool?

Do you plan on diving underwater and scrubbing the walls yourself?

What’s the point of having one if you have to get into the water to untangle the cables? People spend thousands of dollars on a pool – they can spend a few hundred bucks more and opt for a cleaner that offers complete peace of mind.

Talking about peace of mind, nobody does it better than Dolphin (Maytronics) – a tried and tested, trustworthy brand with a widespread network throughout the country and an experience of 35 years in the pool cleaning business!

It’s very hard to go wrong with a Dolphin, especially since the Dolphin Sigma comes with a reassuring 36 month long limited warranty. 

The Dolphin Pool Cleaners Features:

Let's dig into some of the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners features!

Dynamic Dual Drive:

Often, robotic pool cleaners struggle on slopes and other tricky areas of the swimming pool.

They just do not possess the gravitas and the technology to cover all areas – this means that even though the cleaner has ‘technically’ completed its cycle, some areas of the pool look quite shabby.

This is a problem as to fix these, you’ll need to jump in and tackle them manually. Honestly, even if you love swimming, scrubbing steps and the corners of the deep end while holding your breath underwater is no fun!

The Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner has a dynamic dual drive while allows it to cope with just about any shape of pool. It climbs walls with the dexterity of a gecko lizard and scrubs the waterline to deliver a deep and comprehensive pool clean.

Obstacles like drains, pool lights are not a problem for the Dolphin Sigma. When Dolphin claims that the Dolphin Sigma provides 360 degrees, 100% coverage – they don’t just mean it on paper.

The Dolphin Sigma actually delivers in the real world too! The dual drive system ensures that the Dolphin Sigma remains highly maneuverable and nimble – this is not one of those poorly designed machines that’ll start stuttering at corners and walls!

CleverClean Coverage:

For the Dolphin Sigma to be able to do an efficient job (read: clean every bit of the pool), it needed to have a state-of-the-art navigation system – that’s exactly what Dolphin have equipped the Dolphin Sigma with!

The CleverClean scans the entire pool and maps out the best route for covering the bottom, walls, corners, waterline and all other areas. (Sorry folks, it does not work on above ground pools, it's only for an in ground pool).

Upon encountering even a minor obstacle, some robotic pool cleaners just hover around the same place like a demented piece of junk.

The Dolphin Sigma however, just works its way around the obstacle and quickly returns to the path designated by the CleverClean coverage system.

Needless to say, the advanced navigation system, combined the Dynamic dual drive, leaves the pool absolutely spotless within just a couple of hours!

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Now spot clean your pool using your smartphone. In the extremely unlikely event that the Sigma has overlooked a certain spot in the pool; or if the pool hasn’t been cleaned in a while and you feel that a certain nook or cranny deserves a bit of extra attention, you can spot clean it using the mobile app.

The My Dolphin app is intuitive and very easy to use. It’s like playing with an underwater RC car, but the remote control is on your phone, and the pool cleaner actually has a ton of utility!

The remote cleaning feature ensures that you never have to do any manual scrubbing. Your pool is always ready to jump into and you’re all set for a party anytime you wish to throw one.

Weekly Scheduler:

The Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner can be scheduled to clean the pool in advance with it's weekly timer. You can tweak the settings based upon your usage so that the pool remains sparkling clean at all times.

There’s no need to haul the cleaner to the pool and set a cycle manually every time you wish to clean it – just schedule everything ahead of time with the weekly timer!

Sip on that refreshing drink and lounge by the pool as your trusted Dolphin gobbles up all the dirt and debris and leave back only pristine water!

Fine & UltraFine Filtration:

This is debris removal simplified!

The Sigma is capable of eliminating all types of dirt and debris including leaves, twigs, pebbles and even algae.

This robotic pool cleaner has two filtration options – fine and ultra-fine.

This ensures that once the Sigma completes a cycle, the pool is devoid of all visible and even invisible debris.

Some cleaners have only a single stage of filtration. This means that some unsightly particles and stubborn dirt remains at the bottom. This is a big turn off and makes the pool rather uninviting.

Dual filtration is the way to go – thankfully, the bags load from the top and this makes them easy to access. They snap apart easily and can be cleaned in minutes!

Anti-Tangle Cable:

Now, all robotic pool cleaners have anti-tangle cables but they are not really ‘anti-tangle’.

What they mean by anti-tangle is that if it’s your lucky day, and the stars are aligned properly, then the cleaner will complete the cycle without the cable all tangling up.

Otherwise, it will tangle and you’ll have to untangle it manually. By the time you’re done, you’ll be wet and miserable and won’t even feel like swimming any more!

The Dolphin Sigma, on the other hand, has a patented swiveling mechanism that prevents the cable from tangling no matter what, irrespective the shape of the pool!

Triple Motor + Dual Brushing:

The Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner is extremely tough on dirt thanks to three 24 Volt DC motors that send power to the dual scrubbing brushes. Still, the Dolphin Sigma is exponentially more energy efficient compared to conventional robotic pool cleaners.

Weighing the pros and cons, we think that the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner is a great option for those looking for a fuss-free and thorough clean.

If you're on the market for a high-quality robotic pool cleaner and don't mind spending a little extra, the Dolphin Sigma should be at the top of your list!

Customer Complaints

The Dolphin Sigma is known to get caught on the primary drain at least once during each cycle. This occurs because it becomes trapped if it drives up over the main drain and can't utilize its traction to free itself.

This issue may be quickly resolved by pulling on the cord to free the pool cleaner.

However, if you want it to be able to operate the equipment without being at home, you'll need to do a little more work. To create a dome over your drain, attach a one-inch PVC cap with stainless steel screw and washer to the main drain cover.

When your pool cleaner attempts to drive over the dome, it will slide off to a location where it can continue on its way.

Dolphin Sigma Review & Final Verdict:

The Dolphin Sigma is a fine robotic pool cleaner. The dolphin pool cleaner Comes with all the bells and whistles that are desirable in a device falling in this price range.

This dolphin pool robot Might seem expensive but don’t forget the 3 year warranty and the ridiculously low cost of operation.

We give the dolphin Sigma a big thumbs up for residential pools up to 50 feet in length.

It's definitely one of the best robotic pool cleaners. We love the fact that it climbs swimming pool walls with utmost ease and doesn’t lose its composure around small obstacles and in unconventionally shaped pools.  

It's a bit on the pricey side, so check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus for an excellent cleaner that's a bit more on the affordable side without all the bells and whistles of the Sigma.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Our #1 Recommendation

Check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, our #1 Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaner with over 11,000 positive reviews!

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