Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 13, 2022

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review
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    ‘Maytronics’ peace of mind. Engineered based upon 35 years of innovation.
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    24 month warranty makes this a compelling proposition.
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    Bluetooth connectivity – can be used for spot cleaning.
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    No additional set-up required. A complete ‘plug-n-clean’ solution.
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    Climbs walls and does it extremely well.

A More Detailed Look At The Dolphin Triton PS Plus

The Dolphin Triton Plus (PowerStream) is a highly capable pool cleaner by Maytronics. It is prized for being lightweight and very easy to use. This is easily one of the better options in the market for in-ground private/residential pools with a length of up to 50 feet.

The bot is equipped with a PowerStream system that enables it climb walls with ease. Multiple water jets provide ample traction on vertical surfaces. Thus, the Triton Plus has the ability to scrub the walls as well as the waterline. Actually, it also cleans a little bit above the waterline!

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth and Extra-Large Filter Basket, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Features:

  • Hosting an impromptu party by the pool? No problem, the Triton Plus has a very fast cleaning cycle of just 1 hour. There is a choice of 2 cleaning cycles – quick and standard. The quick cycle takes up an hour while a standard clean takes up 2 hours.
  • The Triton Plus weighs just 16.5 pounds and its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and lift out of the water.
  • Energy efficient multi-function power supply.
  • Can be scheduled to clean everyday, every alternate day or every third day depending upon how much the pool is used. The bot can stay in water 24x7 so it just cleans the pool at the scheduled time. There’s no need to start it manually for each and every cycle. However, it is advisable to rinse out the filters every once in a while.  
  • The Triton plus saves 8 times more energy than run-off-the-mill pressure and suction pool cleaners. This can save thousands of dollars in power bills in the long run.
  • The Triton Plus has been endowed with 2x Active Brushing. The front brush spins twice as fast as standard brushes to eliminate even the most unyielding dirt and stains. According to Maytronics, the Dolphin Triton and Triton Plus are among the first pool cleaning robots in the world to possess this special feature.
  • CleverClean technology ensures precise navigation in pools of virtually every shape.
  • The bot rarely misses a spot but if you feel that a certain part of the pool needs some extra scrubbing, you can control the Triton Plus remotely via Bluetooth. This requires installation of the My Dolphin App, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The Triton PS Plus’s cleaning cycle is never interrupted, thanks to its anti-tangle cable with patented swivel technology.
  • The extra-large filter basket is accessible from the top. This makes it easy to load and remove filters for washing.
  • Fine and Ultra-fine filters trap all kinds of debris, from leaves and twigs to pebbles and algae. The 4 filters are easy to clean – a good rinse with a hose does the job.
  • The Triton Plus is a complete pool cleaning solution. There is absolutely no need for extra hoses or additional booster pumps.
  • Fast water release when fetching it out of the pool.

Video Showcasing the Plus & Features in Action

Review & Final Verdict

The Dolphin Triton Plus is undoubtedly a highly accomplished machine with all the bells and whistles of a top end pool cleaning bot.

It’s lightning fast cleaning cycle of just 1 hour helps it to score brownie points.

However, there is absolutely no getting around the fact that this pool cleaner is expensive.

We recommend that you go ahead and buy it if it falls within your budget.

If you can live without the Bluetooth remote control app, you can opt for the cheaper Dolphin Triton as it is mechanically identical to the Triton Plus minus the smartphone connectivity.

Editors Note:   You may also want to consider the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus as it is a bestselling model with tremendous customer feedback.

Final Score: 4.2/5

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Our #1 Recommendation

Check out the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, our #1 Recommended Robotic Pool Cleaner with over 11,000 positive reviews!

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