Dolphin Wave 120 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

By Shiloh McGinley

May 26, 2023

Pros and Cons of the Dolphin Wave 120


  • High cleaning performance
  • User-friendly and convenient features
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Robust construction for commercial use
  • Excellent customer service


  • Weighs 42 pounds, which is slightly heavy
  • May be cost-prohibitive for smaller, residential pools

Maytronics has been a pillar in the swimming pool industry for over 40 years, providing solutions that make pool maintenance easier and more efficient. The Dolphin Wave 120 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner is a prime example of these solutions, offering a comprehensive cleaning system for commercial swimming pools.

Performance & Functionality

The Dolphin Wave 120 is a commercial-grade robotic pool cleaner designed with durability and top-tier performance in mind.

Cleaning Capability

This unit is capable of servicing larger pools up to 121 feet, offering flexibility in handling various pool sizes. It's adept at cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline, making sure every inch of the pool is spotless.

Quad Scrubbing Brushes

The Dolphin Wave 120 is equipped with four scrubbing brushes that effectively remove algae from the floor, walls, and waterline. This promotes a healthier swimming environment and enhances the overall cleanliness of the pool.

Filtration System

The Dolphin Wave 120 includes its own independent filtering capabilities, enabling it to operate without relying on the pool's filtration system. This contributes to its efficiency and low-maintenance operation. Furthermore, it comes with both fine and ultra-fine filters that collect large debris and small particles, resulting in superior filtration performance.

Operational Features

The operational features of the Dolphin Wave 120 streamline the cleaning process and enhance user convenience.

Plug-and-Play Operation

With the plug-and-play operation, users can simply drop the cleaner into the pool, plug the power supply into an electrical outlet, press the power button, and the unit will initiate the cleaning cycle.

Remote Control

The included remote control allows users to guide the pool cleaner from a distance, adding another layer of convenience to the cleaning process.

Cleaning Modes

This unit comes with three cleaning modes to cater to different cleaning needs: standard, quick clean, and enhanced cleaning. The standard cleaning cycle takes 2.5 hours, while the enhanced cleaning mode offers a more thorough scrub in a 3.5-hour cycle.

Pool Mapping

The Dolphin Wave 120 uses advanced algorithms to map the pool, ensuring efficient and comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Additional Features & Accessories

Anti-tangle Swivel Cable

The pool cleaner features a 130-feet anti-tangle swivel cable that prevents twisting during the cleaning cycle, enhancing mobility in larger pools.

Delayed Start Functionality

The delayed start feature allows the operation to commence at a later time, particularly useful when debris needs to settle at the bottom of the pool before cleaning.

Full Filter Indicator

The full filter indicator notifies users when the filter is full and needs to be cleaned, preventing potential damage and ensuring optimal operation.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories include a caddy and caddy cover. The caddy provides a secure place to hold the pool cleaner and power supply when not in use. The caddy cover offers protection against the weather elements.

Customer Service

Maytronics and Pool Partz are both known for providing exceptional customer service, offering support during the pre-sale phase and after-sale assistance, ensuring customer satisfaction and prompt resolution of any issues.

Pros & Cons Of the Dolphin Wave 120


  • The unit's 'plug and play' operation offers remarkable simplicity. You just place the cleaner into the pool, connect it to the power supply, press the power button, and voila! The unit gets to work immediately.
  • The Dolphin Wave 120 is equipped with a unique pool mapping feature. Using sophisticated algorithms, the cleaner scans and learns the pool’s layout to ensure optimal coverage.
  • The cleaner is equipped with energy-saving technology. With its independent filtering system, it's cost-effective in the long run as it does not rely on your pool's filtering system.
  • The Dolphin Wave 120 is designed for large commercial pools (up to 121 feet), ideal for facilities like universities, YMCAs, and water parks.


  • The cleaner's weight could be a potential downside. At 42 pounds, the Dolphin Wave 120 is not lightweight. Therefore, handling and moving the device may be a bit challenging for some users.
  • Even though the unit comes with a full filter indicator, this feature is dependent on manual observation. An automated alert system would have been a more convenient addition.

Review & Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Dolphin Wave 120 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner is a highly efficient, reliable, and advanced tool for maintaining commercial swimming pools.

Its impressive set of features, easy operation, and remarkable cleaning performance make it a worthwhile investment. 

Despite its relatively high cost and weight, the long-term benefits of its robust construction, energy efficiency, and low-cost maintenance outweigh the initial investment.

Therefore, for those seeking a high-performing, durable, and efficient solution for commercial pool maintenance, the Dolphin Wave 120 is a commendable choice.

Shiloh McGinley

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Shiloh McGinley has been in and around swimming pools her whole life. She's seen a lot of products come and go, and she wants to share with you the best products that really work!

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