Polaris F9550 Sport (All Season) Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 10, 2022

There are ordinary pool cleaners and then there are pool cleaners like the Polaris F9550, which sit several notches above in the hierarchy of... well, pool cleaners 🙂

If the Polaris F9550 Sport were a dinosaur, it would certainly be the Velociraptor because it just oozes awesomeness!

Despite being a bot, it almost seems to have a personality of its own – it attacks debris with the ferocity of a Tasmanian Devil. If that does not impress you, the premium features and all season kit certainly will 🙂

Why Listen to Me?

I've been in and around swimming pools since before I could walk!

  • As a kid, I spent the summers at my grandpa's in the pool for what seems like 6-8 hours a day
  • As an adult, I've had my own pool since I first owned my house!
  • I've used & tested DOZENS of Robotic Pool Cleaners the past 25 years, I know what to look for, and am here to share my experience with you!

Though robotic pool cleaners are great, they’re not all created equally.

Some are worth the price and provide the most bang for your buck. Others might fall short.

I got my hands on the Polaris F9550 Sport and used it for 30 days!

Here's what I think! 

Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner (All Season Kit)

The Polaris F9550 can tackle pools up to 60 feet in length. It works perfectly on all surfaces and in pools of all sizes and shapes.

The package includes the Polaris F9550 Sport cleaner, an extra all purpose filter canister, a wide mesh leaf canister for trapping large and stubborn debris plus a fine mesh canister for silt and pollen.

Let's explore the bots features in a bit more detail.

Polaris F9550 Sport Features:

  • The bot comes with 70 feet of cable with a state-of-the-art swivel to prevent entanglement.
  • The caddy (included) makes it easy to transport and store the robot. It is sturdy and can be assembled within minutes without any mechanical tools.
  • 4 WD Aqua-Trax tires generate more than enough traction to tackle steep slopes and walls. The F9550 can climb walls with the composure of a seasoned mountaineer.

Here's What We Love About the F9550 Sport

Power and grip alone are not enough to clean a swimming pool thoroughly. Many robots have ample power but they just run around in circles and miss key areas of the pool. Hence, an advanced navigation system is indispensable for precise scrubbing in pools of varying shapes and sizes. The F9550 Sport is equipped with ActivMotion sensing technology, which provides unmatched navigation and cleans tight spots and even steps. (Note that most premium pool cleaners struggle with steps.)

If a certain area of the pool requires a bit of extra TLC, the intuitive motion sensing remote control (handheld) enables the user to steer the robot to the desired area and eliminate even the last remnants of debris from the pool.

The F9550 gets rid of all types of debris ranging from big leaves and twigs to silt and pollen. Vortex vacuum technology enables the bot to trap even larger sized debris without any hassle.

The 7 day programmable timer is an added bonus. Just set it and forget it – the bot will clean the pool at the scheduled times without any manual intervention. Users can customize cleaning cycles based on pool usage.

A dirty canister indicator tells users when it’s time to clean out the easy access filters.

The business end of the bot, i.e. the solid blade brush cleans waterline and removes all sorts of silt and other deposits.

Pros & Cons

Alright, let's check out some of the pros & cons of the Polaris 9550 Sport All Season Robotic Pool Cleaner!


  • An A-to-Z pool cleaning solution. No need to buy extra filters or booster pumps and external hoses. Caddy is included.
  • Does the walls and steps too!
  • Programmable timer basically puts pool cleaning on auto-pilot
  • Handheld remote for spot cleaning
  • EasyLift system makes it easy to remove the bot out of the pool.
  • Polaris (owned by Zodiac Pool Systems) is a leading and trustworthy brand backed by 4 decades of innovation and experience
  • Limited 2 year warranty


  • IT'S EXPENSIVE! It May not fit everyone’s budget as the price is high. (You do get a lot of kit for the price though)
  • For in-ground pools only

polaris f9550 Sport review & Final Verdict:

If budget is not a concern, we recommend that you go ahead and buy it.

It comes decked with many useful features, quality is not an issue and customer feedback is also very good.

People who have bought it cannot stop shouting its praises to the hills! 

Overall Score: 4.7/5

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Shiloh McGinley

About the author

Shiloh McGinley has been in and around swimming pools her whole life. She's seen a lot of products come and go, and she wants to share with you the best products that really work!

Shiloh is passionate about helping people stay safe in the water, and she loves educating others on how to choose the right pool products.

When she's not working, Shiloh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and swimming - of course!

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