Zodiac Baracuda G4 Side Suction Pool Cleaner Review

By Shiloh McGinley

August 11, 2022

Zodiac Baracuda G4 Features At A Glance

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Currently this is NOT Available online that we can find, in it's place we suggest picking up the Baracuda G3!


1) The pool cleaner has a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The after-sales service is very reliable. Spare parts are easily available as this is a popular model of a highly popular pool cleaning robot manufacturer.

2) The G4 comes with long life hoses (40 feet standard length.). These hoses are lightweight yet highly durable at the same time. Moreover, even the hoses are covered under the 2-year warranty.

3) The fact that the G4 has only one moving part makes maintenance a lot easier. There are no jammed gears, broken motors, and clogged filter baskets to deal with. The diaphragm is accessible through a quick release mechanism. You can service it yourself or have it replaced (please read the manual and other instructions/policies carefully before embarking upon any DIY projects).


  1. Does not have a high-tech scanning system. Hence, it may leave out certain parts of the pool or may get stuck at the deep end. This is easy to fix if you have adjusted hose weights and pool return inlet valves properly.
  2. All debris is sent through the pipes to the pool filters. Hence, the pipes get clogged often. You can prevent this by cleaning the pool regularly and rinsing the hoses thoroughly before a cleaning session.

The Zodiac Baracuda G4 is is an in-ground suction side pool cleaner by Zodiac.

This is the same Zodiac company that is well known for its legendary Zodiac boats. The 100+ year old company is a pioneer is pool and aquatic products technology and Baracuda too is a world leader in pool automation technology.

Hence, the Baracuda G4 has a reputation to maintain. Let us find out how it fares in the real world. 

Zodiac Baracuda G4 Features

1) The sail of this pool cleaner has been designed in a way that provides rigidity and stability to the entire assembly. It has been manufactured using highly durable materials that are not affected by the chemicals in the pool water and by the Sun’s UV rays.

The sail also enables the G4 to maneuver around tight corners – even though this pool cleaner comes with a reasonable price tag, it can do things that even premium robots cannot. For example: The G4 can handle stairs and walls without breaking a sweat!

2) The assembly is very simple. In fact, there is no assembly at all. The Baracuda G4 connects easily with your pool pump. It does not require any kinds of special installations like booster pumps. It works very well even with low power pumps. It does not need any sort of power connection. It works as long as the pump runs – So in essence, it cleans the pool practically free of cost.

3) The disc is the business end of the G4. It is this part that comes into contact with pool surfaces and scrubs away all kinds of dirt, debris, algae, leaves, pebbles and so on. The G4 can clean all types of surfaces, including tiles, concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and so on. The disc scrubs and loosens dirt that is then sucked into the pipes and gets trapped in the pool’s filter. You can also opt for an additional filter (this is a paid accessory but it is worth its weight in gold). After you’re done, just remove the filter and rinse it out.

4) The disc maximizes coverage and it is strong yet flexible at the same time. This gives it the ability to clean corners, steps and other tight spots. The disc does not get caught or stuck around drains, lights and other pool fixtures. It glides over them with ease, leaving them cleaner than ever before.

5) The rudder of the G4 keeps it’s balanced and lends directional stability. As you can see, the pool cleaner has been designed using the same principles that are used to design boats. Hence, it never loses its composure and works well in pools of all shapes and sizes. Even though the G4 looks simple and unassuming, it has been crafted using the some very clever engineering. This is precisely why it can deliver a high level of cleaning without using any fancy hi-tech gadgetry.

6) At the heart of the Baracuda G4 is its long life diaphragm. It is the only moving part in the entire pool cleaner. Less moving parts means less friction, less wear and tear, higher efficiency, better performance and a longer life.

7) The Baracuda G4 comes with a flow-keeper valve. This valve adjusts water flow to maintain optimal performance, even with low power pumps. The valve also has a very useful insta-skim feature that allows you to skim the pool surface with a simple flick of a switch.

Final Verdict:

The Baracuda G4 is a good option if you’re in the market for an affordable pool cleaner. It is a reliable product from a highly renowned manufacturer. Two year warranty gives total peace of mind. The highly successful Zodiac Baracuda G3 and G4 are very similar and share the same diaphragm.

Currently this is NOT Available online that we can find, in it's place we suggest picking up the Baracuda G3!

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