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Zodiac Baracuda G3 Review

Thanks for stopping by for my Zodiac Baracuda G3 Review.  In it, i’ll go into details on the features, as well as the pros and cons of the Zodiac G3 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

The Zodiac G3 is an automatic pool cleaner that is best described by these two words:- Efficient and Affordable.

This in-ground pool cleaner is deceptively easy to set-up and operate. It goes about its business in a no-nonsense, no frills manner. The G3 is quiet yet powerful. It does a commendable job of cleaning the bottom, sides, steps as well as lights and other fixtures that may be present in the pool.

The suction-side cleaner G3 has been equipped with a patented ‘Flowkeeper’ valve. The automatic variable flow control valve has the ability to increase or decrease water-flow in order to ensure peak performance at all times. This delivers a superb clean and maintains optimal efficiency even with low speed pumps.

Zodiac Baracuda G3 Features:

  1. The Zodiac G3 gobbles up small to medium sized debris. It scrubs and vacuums simultaneously to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  2. Easy maneuverability: A smart wheel-deflector ensures that the robot does not get stuck in tight corners.
  3. The G3 comes with highly durable cables that are resistant to scuffing. This also prevents scuffs and scratches on the pool surfaces.
  4. The disc has 36 fins. This ensures good traction and prevents the bot from getting caught-up in and around lights, bars, drain-covers or other pool fixtures. The 36-fin disc is the business end of the cleaner. It is the contact-surface that actually does the cleaning. The Zodiac G3’s disc has been built to last for a long time and can be replaced easily if it gets worn out.
  5. The cassette can be opened through a patented quick-release mechanism. This allows easy access to the diaphragm. The diaphragm itself is highly durable, owing to the fact that the cleaner uses just one moving part.
  6. This robotic pool cleaner may not be as intelligent as some of the other premium models on the market. However, it does the job without much fuss and comes with an unbeatable price-tag. Overall, the Zodiac G3 offers phenomenal value for money.

The G3 certainly is not perfect, but we truly feel it’s one of the best robotic pool cleaners in it’s price range. 

Like everything else, it defintiely comes with it’s own set of pros and cons, which we’ll cover below.

Zodiac G3 Pros:

  1. Very popular robotic pool cleaner. Bought, used and recommended by thousands of happy customers.
  2. Not difficult to fix if something goes wrong. Widespread popularity ensures easy availability of spare parts.
  3. Reliable and inexpensive. The Zodiac G3 costs less than a third of the entry level pool cleaners of the premium segment. The quality of construction is really good and even though this model is slightly heavier than the G2, it is still quite light-weight at only 19 pounds.
  4. Literally costs just a few cents per day to keep your pool in excellent shape. Also, the G3 is very easy to set-up and use. A quick glance at the user manual should do the trick. Plenty of how-to videos are also available online. Make sure that the disc is placed perpendicular to the pool surface. If it is placed at an angle, the area of contact will be inadequate and the bot will have to work much harder to achieve the same degree of cleanliness.
  5. Suitable for pools of varied sizes and shapes, including baby and wading pools to large sized residential pools. Probably not ideal for community or Olympic sized pools as they require very heavy-duty pool cleaners.
  6. The cleaner is quiet, it does not create too much noise. You can set it to work and then lounge by the pool or even doze off to sleep.

Zodiac G3 Cons:

  1. It is important to take into account that unlike other advanced pool cleaners that have state-of-the-art sensors, the G3 is a rugged device with just a wheel-deflector. It tends to get stuck once in a while, especially if it is not positioned properly. Please follow manual instructions carefully to avoid any problems. You might need to adjust hose weight and length a bit. However, it is easy once you get the idea. Remember, ease-of-use is one of the major unique selling points of this device. So you don’t have to be technically inclined to use this pool cleaner. Even if the G3 does get stuck, simply give the hose a soft nudge and it will begin to move again.
  2. You have to take proper care of hoses. Remember that this is not a garden hose. You have to either spread them out on the ground or hang them from a hose-hook. If the hose gets bent, it can cause the cleaner to move around in circles and obstruct normal function.
  3. The Zodiac G3 works only for in-ground swimming pools. It is not suitable for other types of pools.

Zodiac G3 Videos

Here’s a great video showing the G3 in Action.

Here’s a fun Time Lapse Video from a customer, showing the G3 “doing it’s thing!”

Zodiac G3 Review – My Final Verdict

The Bottom Line: The Zodiac G3 is a great fit for residential swimming pools. It does not have all the bells and whistles of a premium robotic pool cleaner but when you see the end result, it doesn’t really matter! This is the top choice for the practical, budget conscious buyer.


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Jeff has been an avid swimmer as long as he can remember, with his first swim lessons in Kindergarten in the 1980s, and became obsessed with pools and swimming shortly thereafter.