Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaners

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home because nothing beats a day in the pool in the pool on those hot summer days. One company, the Aquatic Pool Cleaners was established to provide the best pool cleaning equipment enabling pool owners to easily clean and maintain their pools.  The company’s flagship pool cleaning equipment is the Robotic Pool Cleaner that they introduced to the world in 1982.

In 2011 the company was acquired by Fluidra one of the biggest distributors and manufacturers around which then had the effect of reducing the cost of the Aquatic Pool Cleaners and increasing the production capabilities of the company. One of the best-selling models of the aquatic pool cleaners are the Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaners. Here is why.

The Zodiac Barracuda Cleaner

The Zodiac Barracuda cleaner has very powerful rolling brushes that enable it to move independently on the surface of the pool as it cleans the pool. It also has a suction pump to filter out the dirt and other impurities from the pool. It is powered by a zodiac diaphragm and is not fitted with wheels or cogs and therefore you can expect a whisper quiet cleaning operation. The cleaning bot comes installed with software that helps it maneuver its way in the pool. It also has a power cable attached to an external power unit and all you need to do is plug the cable into the power, immerse the boat into the pool, and sit back and let the Zodiac Barracuda do its job.

Why the Zodiac Barracuda Cleaner

The Zodiac Barracuda is suited for both commercial and residential pool cleaning. You can use to clean swimming pools in commercial establishments such as gyms, hotels, and resorts. You can use it to clean your backyard pool. If you are looking to clean your pool the quick and effective way and save money then the zodiac barracuda cleaner is the right pool cleaning tool for you. One thing is for sure you will spend less money in cleaning your pool than you would if you contract a pool cleaning company who can often be expensive. You can also forget about other conventional pool cleaning methods that often clean the swimming pool superficially leaving the inner surfaces of the pool line with sediments. Gone too are the exhausting do it yourself pool cleaning methods which involved draining the pool and scrubbing down every surface to get it clean again, now with the switch of a button you can have a clean pool in a matter of minutes.

The Zodiac Barracuda cleaner pool-cleaning robot takes out the tedious and costly maintenance aspects that come along with owning a swimming pool. It is easy to use and maintain and will rigorously clean your pool to your approved standards. You can now get a model that best fits your price requirements from Aquatic Pool Cleaners.