Zodiac Mx8 Elite Suction Pool Cleaner

The MX8 Elite By Zodiac is a suction type pool cleaner with specialized cyclonic scrubbing brushes that enable it to tackle even the most stubborn bits of dirt. It’s the first ever model to have this unique feature.

It’s easily a top choice for all types of in-ground swimming pools, owing to its uncanny ability to provide a deep and thorough clean without getting stuck.

Zodiac Mx8 Elite Suction Pool Cleaner

MX8 Elite Features

1) One of a kind cyclone-like scrubbing action ensures constant powerful rotation and scrubbing. This gets rid of stuck-on debris, sediment, algae, dirt etc. and delivers ‘elite’ level cleaning. The brushes can be removed, cleaned and replaced easily.

2) The MX8 Elite has excellent wall-climbing ability. This means that it can handle all types of pool surfaces (including walls) with ease. Many robotic pool cleaners in a similar price range are unable to climb walls and this is a major drawback as it compromises the aesthetic appeal and hygiene of the pool.

In such instances, the walls need to be cleaned manually or you’ll need to purchase a separate pool-cleaner that can clean upto the tile line.

There is no point in owning a pool cleaner that only does half the job and leaves you to figure out the other half on your own. This is precisely why so many people prefer the Zodiac MX8 Elite. It does a phenomenal job and that too without breaking the bank.

3) Max Drive Navigation: The MX8 Elite is smart. Anybody who has ever used a pool cleaner knows that they can get stuck quite often. This is especially true for the models that fall within the low to mid-range price bracket. A device that cannot navigate properly totally defeats the purpose of having a robotic pool cleaner.

Certain cleaners have difficulty with some surfaces or a tendency to keep hovering over one spot. Thus, you either have to give it a push or remove and reset it again. In some cases, you might even need to jump into a pool to fix the issue. Surely, you’re not looking to take a dip in a dirty pool with murky water. The Zodiac MX8 Elite has Max Drive Navigation with 360 degree mapping. It almost never gets stuck!

4) The MX8 Elite has a flow-regulator valve that can control excess flow of water. It also comes with a twist-lock hose with a length of 39 feet. This proprietary long-life hose is highly durable and does not get damaged easily.

5) The design, construction & operation of this robotic pool cleaner is energy efficient. Thus, it works very well with solar panels and pumps that function with variable speeds.

Zodiac MX8 Elite Pros

1) Very good build quality. If you have used pool cleaners that belong to this price-range, you probably know that they run alright for one season and then certain parts begin to malfunction and need replacing. Well, the MX8 is built to last and can perform year round cleaning. It comes with a twelve month warranty.

2) The cleaning path of the MX8 is fairly wide. This provides very good coverage and cleans the pool in record time.

3) This robotic pool cleaner is energy efficient. Hence, the operating costs are very low. It is several times cheaper and more convenient than signing up for a pool cleaning service contract. The initial cost of ownership is also not exorbitantly high. On the contrary, the MX8 offers stupendous value for money. Buyers can opt for a rebate and this makes the bot even more affordable.

4) Many people are not comfortable with having a stranger (pool service tech) on their property. The MX8 provides a safer, cheaper and faster alternative.

5) Cyclone-like scrubbing action gets rid of even the most unyielding dirt. Powerful vacuum action gives this bot the ability to climb walls. This ensures a complete and hassle-free pool cleaning experience. You do not have to do any manual labor.

Zodiac MX8 Elite Cons

1) Frankly speaking, this pool cleaner does not have major flaws. It is a very well-rounded device with a reasonable price tag. It packs quite a punch and offers unmatched performance within its class. Like all the pool cleaners, the MX8 does not do well if the pool is full of large size debris.

It can handle small leaves, insects, algae etc. However, it cannot filter large plastic objects, branches and so on. Note that the device does have an inline leaf catcher. However, it can get full quickly if there are too many leaves in the pool.

2) The cleaner may face issues with steps, especially if they are narrow and close together.

Final Verdict:

The Zodiac MX8 Elite is a highly capable in-ground pool cleaner. It has most features that are found in high-end cleaners. The only thing that’s not high-end is the price!

We give it a 5 Star Perfect Score!

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