Zodiac Mx8 Review (What we Love & Hate About It)

Hey Folks, Jeff L here, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Zodiac MX8 Review!  For those that don’t already know, Zodiac has an amazing range of robotic pool cleaners that cater to almost everybody’s budget and requirements.

In this review, we’re going to look at the Zodiac MX8, a fully automatic, low to mid-range suction-side bot that offers aggressive cleaning in all types of in-ground pools. It does all this without compromising on energy efficiency. Thus, the pool remains pristine while the operating costs remain low.

Zodiac MX8 Review Zodiac MX8 Review

Zodiac Mx8 Features:

1) The MX8 is the most efficient pool cleaner in its class. It’s intelligent design enables it to deliver unmatched performance while requiring 30% less flow than other models. This makes it a great match for solar pumps and also for variable and two-speed pumps. If power saving is a priority for you, then the Zodiac MX will not disappoint. In the long term, the MX8 costs just a few cents per day to use. Surely, that’s way cheaper than hiring somebody to clean the pool for you. It is also way more convenient, since this is a fully automatic device.

2) Do not mistake efficiency for subpar cleaning though! The MX8 features dual cyclonic suction and it is ready to take on the most unrelenting and stubborn dirt and debris in your pool. The cyclonic action stirs up a storm within your pool and gets rid of sediment, algae, dust and dirt. This MX8 has a larger cleaning head than most other models in its range. Hence, it can tackle bigger sized debris.

3) Excellent Navigation Ability: The Zodiac MX8 has been equipped with MAX-Drive Navigation technology. This means that it can operate in pools of various shapes and sizes. It doesn’t lose its composure in tight corners. The bot has high torque and hence it can climb up steep slopes, including pool walls and waterline. Many pool cleaners can do a decent job with the pool bottom but face difficulty cleaning walls. Hence, you have to scrub the walls manually or use another bot. This is labor intensive and involves a lot of hassle. It makes much more sense to invest in a pool cleaner that has ability to clean the entire pool and not just the bottom!

4) The secret to Zodiac MX8’s performance and efficiency is its Flex-Power turbine. This turbine ensures peak power and top performance even with low flow. Car engines are becoming more efficient and the same trend can be observed in robotic pool cleaners too. Earlier, even family cars had 3 liter V6 motors. However, today they are being powered by tiny 1 liter Eco-Boost motors. These motors are pack quite a bit of grunt and yet they drink much lesser fuel. The Flex-Power turbine of the MX8 is similar – it performs well without consuming much energy. This truly makes the Zodiac MX8 stand apart from the competition.

Zodiac MX8 Pros

  1. This is a fully automatic robotic pool cleaner. It can handle walls and all types of pool surfaces. Cleans all the way up to the waterline.
  2. Low costs of ownership and operation.
  3. Can perform well with solar, variable and low-speed pumps as well. Guarantees high energy savings.
  4. Operates are very low flow – even 20 GPM.
  5. Powerful Cyclonic Action can get rid of stubborn dirt and debris. The cleaning path is wide. This means that the pool gets cleaned much faster.
  6. The pool cleaner comes with a 39 feet long hose. Twist lock elbows and twist lock hose sections.
  7. Tank-like conveyor belt has very good traction.

Zodiac MX8 Cons

  1. Please ensure that the hoses are either spread out on the ground or hung from a hose-hanger. When you coil the hoses up, they develop memory and can cause the device to malfunction (move around in circles or loop in a certain path).
  2. The MX8 does require some basic maintenance, especially if the pool has a high amount of debris. You must empty the pump basket regularly. This is very important for normal functioning of the device. If the pump basket is full, the cleaner will NOT work properly.
  3. If your pool has lots of leaves and other solid debris, then you should opt for the Zodiac in-line leaf canister. This will trap leaves and other objects and prevent them from entering the pump basket.
  4. Disconnect the Zodiac MX8 BEFORE you proceed to clean or backwash the pool filter. Once you’re done, let the filtering system operate for a few minutes to flush out the suction lines.

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Final Verdict & Review: 

The Zodiac MX8 is powerful and efficient. It comes with a one year warranty and can operate over a variety of pool surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, tiles etc.

If you follow the basic maintenance instructions and get a Zodiac leaf canister, the MX8 will serve you faithfully for several years.

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